Siren Season 2
"Siren" Season 2 is about to end. Here are the details we've gathered about the finale and the new season. (Photo: Walt Disney Television/Flickr)

Read at your own risk: This article may contain spoilers for Siren Season 2.

Freeform's Siren has become a hit series ever since its arrival on the network. And with its second season run's imminent end, things are becoming much more thrilling for the fans as more doors are being opened for its course.

The latest episode of the show titled, Sacrifice, serves as the penultimate installment of the season. In it, Ben finally learned what Chris is up to. And as it happened, he found out his links with the government.

Also, the fans witnessed how Ben and Maddie helped Ryn to get her fertilized embryos active with the help of the Hybrids. But as they make their way to the clique, Ian followed them to get a breakthrough story to which he has been very adamant about learning from the very start.

With these things at hand, it seems danger is much nearer than what they've thought. And aside from the challenges that they are all facing now, there are hints that bigger chaos will hit them before the conclusion of the second season.

According to Cartermatt, the finale will feature the revelation of the truth about the mermaids. So, it seems that Ian's story will finally play out in the story. As for Ben, it is revealed that he will face a quite surprising problem to which he would make a choice that will impact not only the mermaids and hybrids but the humans as well.

The publication also reported that the fans must expect a huge cliffhanger on the finale of Siren Season 2. This is just suitable considering that Freeform has already renewed the show for a new season. And with all of the details that are supposed to play out, it seemingly appears that the show has now set their plans in motion for the upcoming installments.

The renewal announcement came in before the premiere of the second half of Siren Season 2. And as per Variety, the succeeding episodes will finally feature the hinted polyamorous relationships among the characters on the show.

Quite interestingly, there are already events on the second season that tackled this aspect. Hence, it is very much expected for Siren Season 3 to be so much more open to this subject.

Up to date, there are no new details that have been shared about the new season. Even so, the Siren Season2 finale titled, New World Order, is set to air on August 1, on Freeform.