Tesla Pickup May Debut Soon As Specs Slowly Take Shape

A Tesla logo on a Model S is photographed inside of a Tesla dealership in New York
FILE PHOTO: A Tesla logo on a Model S is photographed inside of a Tesla dealership in New York, U.S., April 29, 2016. (Photo: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)

Tesla, despite its effort to drive attention towards its latent breakthrough, has relatively kept its silence regarding its rumored Tesla Pickup electric truck. This has led many in the auto community to scour for even the smallest hint of a leak. With this, Tesla chief executive officer Elon Musk recently confirmed what could be some of the biggest revelations regarding its upcoming electric pickup truck.

In a teaser posted on his Twitter feed, Musk hinted, "We're close, but the magic is in the final details. May 2 to 3 months."

This means that Tesla might finally reveal its highly-hyped Pickup in September or October. The last time Tesla revealed something about its electric truck was during the company's Annual Shareholder Meeting. At the event, Musk described the trucks performance, design, as well as towing capabilities. Musk even went as far as to claim that the Tesla Pickup will be as powerful as the Ford F-150 while having the same aesthetic as that of the Porsche 911, maybe even better he claims.

For Musk to attain his lofty claims, the Tesla Pickup should post an impressive performance if it wants to compare to either the Porsche 911 or the F-150. Since the truck is electric, it should have not problems when it comes to acceleration. Rumors claim that the truck can easily post a 0-60mph time of about, this should put the truck comfortably on the top. Some analysts have even noted this should make the Tesla Pickup a viable competitor to the Rivian R1T pickup which has posted a 0-60mph time of just 3 seconds.

As for its towing capabilities, the Tesla Pickup should have lots of brawn to challenge the best-selling truck in the world. Ford's F-series is well-known around the world for its towing capacity. However, Musk boasted during Tesla's Annual Shareholding Meeting that "If the F-150 can tow it, the Tesla truck can do it."

With such massive claims, it comes as no surprise that the Tesla Pickup is making a lot of mentions on a number of social media platforms. Tesla sure knowns how to drive publicity without the need to impress the community with specifics. The façade and mystic built around this hyped electric pickup truck is enough to command attention. While this is a great strategy, Tesla is putting itself on such a high pedestal and may face a huge backlash if it cannot deliver on these promises.

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