Queen Elizabeth II visits Gorgie City Farm
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II visits the Gorgie City Farm in Edinburgh, Britain July 4, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Milligan)

Queen Elizabeth is a symbol of strength and perseverance. Without her, the British monarchy never had their longest-reigning ruler, Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen Mother is a survivor. She has moved on from the early death of her husband, she stood firm during World War II, and she survived the bombing of Buckingham Palace.

One of the unknown fact about Queen Elizabeth is that she was the last royal to give birth in the presence of the home secretary. In the past, it is customary that deliveries are in the presence of the Home Secretary. Luckily, the custom is no longer practiced when Meghan Markle gave birth to Prince Harris firstborn child. She was spared from the embarrassing tradition of letting the Home Secretary witness the whole ordeal. The Home Secretary was beside the Queen Mother when she gave birth to Queen Elizabeth II. It was the last time that the tradition was practiced during royal births.

Queen Elizabeth was the last Empress of India. King George and Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne in December 1936 while the independence of India was declared in 1947. It implied that they are the Emperor and Empress of India during that time.

Another amazing fact about her is that even Hitler is wary of the Queen Mother's influence. The most feared man in Europe reportedly called the Queen the most dangerous woman in Europe. Hitler wanted to dominate the world, which resulted in World War II. The Queen Mother is one of the most influential figures in the world at that time. She accompanied her husband during diplomatic tours around Europe and other parts of the world. She is considered a threat to Germany's interest and goals.

Just like most of us, the Queen Mother had her little cravings. The queen loves champagne so much that even surgery can't stop her from sipping her favorite drink. According to Pippa Penny at the age of 97, she was in the hospital having an operation on her hip, she smuggled 12 bottles of Krug Champagne into the hospital to make her stay a little bit more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Queen Mother cared less about the price of things that she likes. The documentary "Secrets Of The Royal Spending" said that she never thought about the cost of anything. It was reported that Queen Elizabeth II subsidized her expenses of around £2 million annually because of her mother's spending.