Jeremy Lin continues to ponder on his future, although the word going around is that he was being considered by CSKA Moscow for a possible Europe stint. The one-time NBA champion reportedly initially thumbed down the offer although that does not appear to be the case according to Russian News Agency TASS.

According to the South China Morning Post, there was never any interest on the part of the Russian basketball club and that there were never any talks between both parties.

"Numerous news kept popping up about Jeremy Lin’s refusal to join CSKA Moscow. However, there were no talks at all. The club was not interested in him, particularly in view of his health condition," said journalist Andrey Karashov.

One reason cited was there were concerns on Lin's health. It is no secret that Lin had been ravaged by injuries the past years, and this has prevented him from completing a full season. When healthy, Linsanity can be deadly since he can penetrate or pull up for a shot. His last stint with the Toronto Raptors was not exactly a significant one, seeing he had little to no playing time serving as a backup point guard to the likes of Fred VanVleet.

Speaking of VanVleet, the Raptors guard recently told to TMZ Sports that despite the difficulties his former teammate is facing, Lin will be alright and get back on his feet.

"He's gonna be alright. He's gonna land on his feet. He's gonna be alright."'

The 25-year-old guard believes that Lin's next step will entirely be up to him. This stems from the recent rock bottom claims of the first Asian-American who remains a free agent. No team has come forward to offer him an opportunity in the NBA despite knowing what Lin can do if given the proper playing time.

Lin joins a growing list of free agents who are still waiting to see if their NBA journey will continue. If not the NBA, there were suggestions that Lin could consider going back to China and play in the Chinese Basketball Association.

After playing for the Atlanta Hawks for most parts of the 2018-19 NBA season, Lin was waived and picked up by the Raptors back in February. It turned out to be a blessing since the team won the NBA title. However, Lin felt that he had little impact on the title-conquest and that he was essentially a non-factor for Toronto in the 2018-19 NBA Finals.