“WWE 2K20” Latest News: Cover Stars Leaked In New Video

Let's Get Ready To Rumble! - WWE 2K16 Review
Let's Get Ready To Rumble! - WWE 2K16 Review (Photo: BagoGames(CC BY 4.0))

The unveiling of the cover art of "WWE 2K20" is just a few days away, but speculations about who is going to make it on the cover page have been rife recently. And, it seems that one of the most awaited news about the game may have been leaked ahead of the scheduled unveiling. Although the latest leak is not totally confirmed as of this writing, it appears that the trailer already gives away the upcoming game's cover stars.

Cover Stars

At the last scene of the new leaked trailer of "WWE 2K20," it reveals a photo that for many, seems like the latest cover art of the upcoming game. The two WWE superstars in the shown in the photo are roman reigns and Becky Lynch. It is worth noting that for quite some time now, Becky "The Man" Lynch has been the center of speculations surrounding the cover artists of the upcoming game.

She even said in one of her interviews that it is crucial for "WWE 2K20" to feature the first woman to grace on its cover. The details about Roman Reigns being one of the cover stars of the game is less surprising since he is one of the premier superstars. What is surprising is that the game developer did not give each superstar their solo cover.

Latest Trailer

The first trailer of "WWE 2K20" is interesting and is a live-action type that features Becky Lynch gate crashing a high-class party where only top WWE male talents were invited. After "The Man" literally descended from a glass ceiling, she walks up to Hulk Hogan and drops into the superstar's drink the half-eaten hors d'oeuvre. Becky then turns and realized Roman Reigns is already in front of her handing her a glass of champagne and complimenting her work.

The "WWE 2K20" trailer goes on with gameplay showing both Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch, with the female WWE stars sporting a shirt with "The Man" written on it. Although the brief clip will definitely not satisfy excited fans, it is long enough to hint on the latest visual prowess of the upcoming game. at the final part of the short clip is what many assumed to the cover art of "WWE 2K20" with the slogan, Step Inside.

"WWE 2K20" is slated to arrive on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 22.

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