Hundreds Of People Start Donating Blood For Victims Of El Paso Shooting

Crime scene do not cross sign.
Crime scene do not cross sign. (Photo: kat wilcox/ Pexels)

Just recently, people of El Paso, Texas, faced one of the most horrible mass killings no one would ever want to experience their entire life. The incident involved a 21-year-old gunman named Patrick Crusius who let his rage out at a Walmart last Saturday.

With the said event, about 26 people were wounded, and about 20 lives were lost. Others are still missing. Some of the victims were Sara Esther Regalado, Adolfo Cerros Hernandez, Jorge Calvillo Garcia, Gloria Irma Marquez, and Ivan Filiberto Manzano, as reported by CNN.

Despite facing such a horrific experience, people of El Paso, Texas still choose to embrace their life with love, empathy, and hope. Hundreds of people at present are trying to be a part of the city's goal to save those who have been critically injured because of the recent mass shooting incident.

Some of them decided to donate their blood. Others encourage more people to donate through their social media account. The bloodletting activity was such a success that about 240 units of blood were donated just on August 3 alone.

Others are also trying their best to help in any way they could. Sandra Ramirez, one of the reporters of El Paso news station, shared several photos on her social media account that shows the Samaritan gestures of the locals who have been sharing food and drinks to people who are about to donate their blood to the victims.

"El Paso, is just love," said Anahi Holguin, 21, and a resident of the city who also extend a hand to the authorities, reporters, and families and friends of the victims by giving out clean drinking water. "We can see somebody right here and say hi and we can start being friends in minutes, in seconds. That's why we're out here. We could be helping,", he added.

The bloodletting activity for the mass shooting victims won't just happen for a few days. The authorities will continue to ask blood donors to stand up and those who are willing to extend their help for this matter throughout the whole week, according to USA Today.

The man behind the "domestic terrorism" is now in the custody of the authorities. Persecutors are aiming for him to be punished with the worst consequence-the death penalty.

Meanwhile, a memorial has begun outside Walmart, where the incident happened. Some offered their sympathy to the victims by dropping off bouquets along the street. 

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