Tesla Brings Back Free, Unlimited Charging For New Model S And X

Tesla charging point in Beijing
Tesla cut prices for Model 3 electric cars in China for the third time since November. (Photo: REUTERS/Jason Lee)

Some years ago, Tesla offered free unlimited use of its Supercharger network as a bonus for buying a car from the company. They eventually took the perk away but brought it back again for various reasons. It went off the menu again for some time, but now a tweet from the company shows that the feature has been resurrected again.

Tesla announced this weekend that the free unlimited Supercharging feature is back again. What's different this time around is that the freebie is offered to anyone who buys the new Model S or Model X. Fans of Tesla definitely see this as good news, but there are a few bunches who lamented over the fact that they had already placed their orders before the perk was brought back.

The move seems to indicate that Tesla is bringing back unlimited Supercharging to boost sales of the Model S and X, but that doesn't appear to be the case here. Models S and X sales were actually doing great in the second quarter of this year, and both models have been given an upgrade to improve its maximum range. The vehicles are now capable of hooking up to Tesla's V2 Superchargers, too, which can provide 200 kW of charging power.

Lucky folks over at Electrek have actually seen a copy of the memo Tesla forwarded to its sales staff, which indicated that the feature is only available for the length of vehicle ownership and is not transferable to whoever buys the car second-hand. We're not sure when this perk will last, as Elon Musk once called it "unsustainable."

It's definitely a change of heart, though not completely unexpected. If you think about it, it's clear that Model S and Model X sales are soft in comparison to the Model 3. This could boost sales by making it less expensive to own one of these premium cars in Supercharger-laden regions.

Tesla brought back unlimited free Supercharging in mid-2017, offering the perk to those who can obtain another owner's referral code. Earlier in 2019, Tesla also resurrected its referral program by including 1,000 miles of free Supercharging.

Some months later, Tesla said that free unlimited Supercharging would again be offered, but only for people buying new Model S or X vehicles from Tesla's inventory built before the range-extending update. Though we're not sure for how long this perk will last, we're happy for those who ordered their new Model S or X.

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