Samsung is creating a blockchain store, it appears, with a dozen new apps added in the most current version of its Blockchain Keystore online app market. Coin Desk reported that Samsung launched its online decentralized app (dapp) store last March 2019, and it has grown. From a starting pack of around four applications, the dapp store now features a total of seventeen blockchain-backed apps.

The Blockchain Keystore had just been launched a few months ago in March. Since then, the four original dapps it introduced had grown. These dapps are a password wallet, one game, a social media app, and an app for billing. The new dapps that were added included a wide range of different products including another social media app, Anpan, and an entertainment app, The Hunters.

Samsung realizes the value of exploring blockchain and is going ahead with its plans. It is also one of the first companies of its size to develop products with a crypto-core in mind, starting with the release of the Galaxy S10 this year.

Samsung released a statement where it said that other companies have yet to cash in on the crypto craze. However, they also cleared up that they were one of the first to release a blockchain wallet and integrate it on their product.

Nederob reported that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is currently the only device that supports the Blockchain Keystore. The phone also reportedly supports a built-in wallet where users can stash their Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. This is also Samsung's latest high-profile phone so far, and the company is still not done, rumored to be adding blockchain and cryptocurrency support in a succeeding model.

Samsung's direct competitor, the US-based Apple, has not yet delved into the blockchain world. Apple did release an SDK which it labeled CryptoKit for use with the iOS 13 series of the operating system. Samsung has been investing hard in hardware and software wallets, however, making it seem that Apple is releasing this too little too late.

Other companies such as HTC, Pundi Labs, and Sirin Labs have come up with their own blockchain-friendly phones and have taken on the world of crypto. What these phones don't have-yet-is the support of a large fanbase the likes of which Samsung and Apple currently have. LG could make a significant wave, with its launch of the "ThinQ Wallet" which it has yet to announce.

Blockchain has certainly been big. It's only now that it's making its presence felt further with the development of Samsung's series of crypto-friendly phones.