Jeremy Lin News: Linsanity Responds To Weak Comments, Believes It Is Sign Of Strength

Jeremy Lin made headlines recently after revealing he had hit rock bottom. Some sympathized with him while others felt otherwise. In the social media world, these are things that can immediately reach the person concerned, in this case, the American-Asian who recently won an NBA title.

In a recent appearance in Shanghai, the 30-year-old guard responded to the reactions of his "rock bottom" comments. He apologized if his take rubbed people in the wrong way but also stressed that showing weakness is also one of the greatest signs of health. As far as Linsanity is concerned, it seems that it also takes a lot for an individual to come out in the open and reveal what is truly going on inside of them, Diamond Deung of the Athletic said.

“I think showing weakness is one of the greatest signs of strength,” Lin said. “Ironically, to be able to be OK with your weakness is one of the strongest things you could do. Who doesn’t have weaknesses? We all do. But to show them is one of the strongest things you can do."

Based on his comments, it was an entirely different Lin speaking. Aware that he holds a dim future, it was vintage Linsanity simply being himself. There were other NBA stars who believed Lin still had a place in the league, only that it depends on team needs at the moment. Coming off a busy summer, options will remain open for the former Harvard graduate with opportunities possibly opening up in the coming months.

The reality of it all is that Lin does have options and that he just needs to be patient. So far, only one opportunity has slipped away, and this is that alleged stint in Russia. It turns out that all these were nothing but hearsay and that CSKA Moscow was more concerned on the overall well-being of the one-time NBA champion. Much of this was covered in a recent post.

Aside from being kept to wait for an NBA call, Lin could also consider a return to the Chinese Basketball Association. Back in 2011, he suited up for the Dongguan Leopards before joining the New York Knicks. For those who may have forgotten, this was the same route that Linsanity followed before breaking out in the NBA.

Things may not seem rosy for Lin right now, although all is not lost. There are NBA stars like former Toronto Raptors teammate Fred VanVleet who believes he can still be an asset to other teams. Right now, he just has to wait for that chance.

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