A new flagship phone Xiaomi Mi 9 is displayed after its launch ceremony in Beijing
A new flagship phone Xiaomi Mi 9 is displayed after its launch ceremony in Beijing, China February 20, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Jason Lee)

When Xiaomi released the Pocophone F1 its move was very strategic. It loaded the device with top-notch configuration and specs and introduced it at a very affordable price. The smartphone was almost an instant hit, and consumers are wondering if the Chinese smartphone maker is planning to release a predecessor or a Pocophone F2 soon.

Pocophone Series Will Continue

Amidst the collection of speculations, rumors, and leaks about the Pocophone F2, Xiaomi has been almost mum about it. For several months there was no official statement or comment about the Poco F2 or if it is even in the works. The company also launched the Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro, which was initially rumored to be the replacement of the Pocophone F2.

At first, there were reports that the Xiaomi Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro are the same as the Pocophone F2 or Poco F2. Many assumed that the name Redmi K20 Pro is just a regional name of Pocophone F2. However, when Redmi K20 Pro was released in India, it maintained the same name, and many initially thought that Xiaomi is no longer releasing the much-awaited smartphone.

But, Anuj Sharma, Xiaomi India's head of marketing stepped up recently to clear the speculations. According to Sharma, there is no plan to discontinue the Pocophone series. While the statement means that Pocophone F2 may finally see the light of day soon, the head of marketing was no very specific as to when they are planning to release the second iteration of the popular phone. The series is still very small to make any principal moves according to Sharma.

Poco F2 Specs

While Anuj Sharma's statement is still vague, there were several leaks giving proof that Pocophone F2 is really coming. Leaks from reliable insiders reveal the Geekbench score of several CPUs referred to as Poco F2. There was also another leaked image allegedly showing a protective casing of the Pocophone F2.

Based on these leaks, tech analysts believe that the Pocophone F2 will run on Snapdragon 845. The protective case also reveals that the device will have an Infinity-U or the dewdrop notch design. These specs are mere speculations founded on the leaks released by several tech insiders.

This means that the only thing confirmed and official about the Pocophone F2 so far is that the Pocophone series will not be discontinued, but nothing major is planned for the much-awaited smartphone. The specs are not official and like all other leaks take this information with a pinch of salt.