WWE Rumors: Goldberg SummerSlam Match Not One And Done Deal

WWE Rumors: Goldberg SummerSlam Match Not One And Done Deal
WWE Rumors: Goldberg SummerSlam Match Not One And Done Deal (Photo: Megan Elice Meadows(CC BY-SA 2.0))

Bill Goldberg is back in harness and will be at 2019 WWE SummerSlam happening on August 11 at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He will be up against Dolph Ziggler, a result of the Showoff's continued badgering of WWE legends.

At the August 5 edition of WWE Raw, Goldberg confronted Ziggler on MizTV after the latter continued his verbal tirade against Shawn Michaels, WWE.com said. With The Miz vs. Ziggler no longer happening this coming weekend, the Showoff had no opponent. That was until it was revealed that Goldberg would instead step up to the plate and face the Showoff at SummerSlam.

For WWE fans, the sudden Goldberg booking may come as a surprise. But then again, it is another chance for wrestling fans to see the 52-year-old wrestler in action. And if the recent suggestion of the Wrestling Observer Radio is to be believed, it looks like this is not a one-night appearance. Apparently, Paul Heyman has something up his sleeve and plans to use Goldberg in future shows.

Seeing the star power of Goldberg, Ziggler has a lot to gain from this pairing. Most feel that the former WWE champion will run roughshod over the Showoff although there could be some flipped scripts happening this Sunday at the Scotiabank Arena. It is possible that this evolves into a storyline unless the creative team has something else in mind. But the better question now is how long can Goldberg sustained this planned run.

The last time he appeared in the ring was in Saudi Arabia. Goldberg faced the Undertaker but lost. He was busted open during the match, and the showdown ended up with plenty of criticism. Looking ahead, it is a risk that Heyman and the WWE may have to consider.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Sports Radio mentioned that Goldberg's role would be somehow similar to that of Bruno Sammartino. It was a run that was used late in his career and something that would continue until Heyman is in charge.

At his age, the key may be managing how often Goldberg appears in matches. Also, he could be part of storylines outside the ring rather than physically getting it on with other stars. It is an interesting predicament that could work as the WWE continues to try and boost its ratings. The first installment against Ziggler may not be that catchy for now, although the creative team may have something in store soon.

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