This first-class highly urbanized city has a lot of restaurants that serve great dishes.
This first-class highly urbanized city has a lot of restaurants that serve great dishes. (Photo: Creative Commons Mixed Sushi and Sashimi, Fried Milk Fish by George Parrilla is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

General Santos City may have been known as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, but this place has more to offer than tuna. This first-class highly urbanized city has a lot of restaurants that serve great dishes and cuisines that are not just tuna.

So if you want to try a gastronomic adventure, here are the five best restaurants you can find here in GenSan. Anyhow, it will never be called Food and Dining Capital of SoCCSkSarGen for nothing.

Mint Café

You can find the Mint Café inside the Greenleaf Hotel in San Miguel Street. Here, you can enjoy their breakfast buffet that features a mix of Pinoy, Western, and Asian dishes.

This place boasts its stylish concept with an elegant set-up that is Instagram-worthy. Their food preparation is worth every picture, too. Its friendly staff is also always ready to cook the best egg omelet the way you want.

Tambilawan Restaurant

Tambilawan Restaurant is the most famous Halal Restaurant in Gensan. It is located at Laurel Avenue, per GenSan News Online Mag.

You can try their famed buko halo-halo, a mix of fruits with the softest shaved ice and milk. It might take you some time to consume one serving, but you might never want to share when you try it. This place is also famous for its chicken inasal.

Aweng's Balbacuahan

Aweng's Balbacuahan may only be a road-side eatery or karenderia in Tagalog, but it serves the tastiest Balbacua, a slow-cooked beef broth, in town. Every motorist knows this place in GenSan.

The meal comes with a very affordable price, only Php25.00 per serving. But, you don't have to worry about sanity as Filipino Homes Official Blog assured its cleanliness.

Chicken Hauz

You may think that the bestseller here is deep-fried chicken because of its name, but this restaurant is famous for its fried chicken skin or chicken chicharron. Although this meal has a lot of cholesterol and considered sinful, you will surely can't help yourself but indulge.

With its fame, you can never buy this meal without falling in line and waiting for a long time. Hence, the management advises diners to call ahead for order and drop by for pick up.

Kalsangi Clubhouse

You can only go to Kalsangi Clubhouse if you have a reservation. It is located inside the biggest pineapple plantation in the world, DOLE plantation, which is only a drive away from GenSan.

People who visit here have to follow a dress code strictly. They can wear a cotton shirt, jeans, and closed shoes. You can also buy DOLE products here for a lower price in their pasalubong store.