Apple Supply Chain
Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (Photo: Reuters / Mason Trinca)

Amidst the recent report of Samsung Galaxy Fold releasing very soon, a new set of reports about Apple's similar devices recently surfaced online. Reports claim that some analysts believe that Apple is currently developing a Folding iPad and a Folding iPhone. Interestingly, the Folding iPhone is anticipated to arrive soon after the Folding iPad is released.

There are several reports right now claiming that Apple is possibly working on its foldable product lines. Analysts also believe that the Cupertino tech giant should launch the Folding iPad and Folding iPhone as early as possible to maintain its strong market share in the global market. According to UBS, although Apple is dramatically embracing newer technology it is highly likely that the Folding iPad will be released earlier than the Folding iPhone.

Earlier, HIS Market noted that a Folding iPad with 5G connectivity could be in the works right now, but it might arrive after the company has launched its first-ever 5G compatible iPhones. Ming-Chi Kuo recently shared details that the first 5G-ready iPad could be available by 2021. However, the analyst failed to state if the device is the regular iPad that we have already seen or the one with the revolutionary folding design.

Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak previously stated his interest in a Folding iPhone and would like to see it very soon. Analysts at UBS believe that Chinese consumers are the most excited and receptive about foldable smartphones and devices. This could be good for the Cupertino tech giant to be able to regain its lost market share when the Folding iPad and Folding iPhone are launched.

China has been recently dominated by local brands like Xiaomi and Huawei because of its products, compelling features, and unbelievably low prices. The only problem is that the components for making Folding iPad and Folding iPhone are very costly and unreliable. UBS suggests that the industry have to shift into a plateau where components are less expensive, more durable, and more accessible to manufacturers to utilize to release their upcoming devices.

UBS also conducted a survey recently, and it turns out that customers have a reasonably high interest in buying a Folding iPhone. The survey also reveals that the price is a strong concern to the customers, but they are willing to pay for up to $600. But, the days when Apple offered a device retailed at $600 are long past. Hopefully, Apple could successfully release the Folding iPad and Folding iPhone without any issues similar to those suffered by Samsung with its Galaxy Fold.