Nintendo Switch Latest News: Hybrid Console Scheduled To Get More Hardware Revisions
Nintendo Switch Latest News: Hybrid Console Scheduled To Get More Hardware Revisions (Photo: Tiến Nguyễn)

Nintendo is not yet done with its hybrid console-Nintendo Switch. If the recent report is to be believed, it appears that the console will have to undergo more system revisions. This is very interesting considering that Nintendo is scheduled to release the Nintendo Switch Lite and the Pro variant this year.

Nintendo is having a great time with its hybrid console. The Nintendo Switch has impressive sales and is still on track doing so. A month from now, the lite version and a revision of the console are scheduled to launch in China. But, it appears that more great news is coming for fans of the hybrid console.

A few weeks ago, there were several claims that Nintendo was planning to release two variants of the Nintendo Switch. These are the portable type and the Pro type. The rumored pro-type was never developed, and some thought that the latest refresh variant of the regular model recently announced was replacing the pro concept, that is if it really existed.

But, according to the Wall Street Journal, this assumption is not accurate. It can be recalled that the WSJ was the first one to report about the two Nintendo Switch variants earlier. The report now claims that more hardware revisions are scheduled for the hybrid console, but no details about the time frame or release window were shared.

The latest news is no longer a surprise considering that the Japanese hybrid console maker has a reputation of developing multiple revisions to their gaming consoles and handheld devices. When you consider the Nintendo Switch, you can certainly say that Nintendo does not appear to be treating the home console and the handheld versions more different than former handhelds. Is the report hinting about the Pro version of the hybrid console?

Meanwhile, Nintendo recently announced that it is going to release "The Witcher 3" on the Nintendo Switch. The news was a great surprise to many fans of the popular open-world RPG. The porting to the hybrid console is currently done by saber Interactive in close cooperation with the CD Projekt Red.

The news also earned many questions especially Nintendo Switch' capability to launch the game considering the amount of storage that it would need. "The Witcher 3" on Nintendo Switch will be released in Complete Edition. This means that all the downloadable contents and expansions rolled out by the game developer since the game was released will all be there.