Jeremy Lin Joining Clippers May Result In Another Title

Jeremy Lin continues to ponder on his next move with no NBA teams still dangling him an NBA contract. The first American-Asian to win an NBA title feels he has hit rock bottom although some co-players and personalities feel that some team will eventually pick him up.

Suggestions of a potential return to the Charlotte Hornets were mentioned although nothing close to that has happened. If not the NBA, Lin could try and keep in shape in the Chinese Basketball Association until some ballclub takes notice and gives him a call. As can be seen, Linsanity has options on the table. But it appears he prefers to wait and see if there is still a chance for him to plan in the NBA.

As speculations continue to rise on Lin's next stop. Frank Urbina of USA Today shares an interesting tidbit. He feels that Lin could be a great addition to the Clippers next season, a backup guard that could provide the energy when needed. Seeing how he has been around, he could be the veteran cager who could orchestrate the second unit, playing behind Patrick Beverly who is the only true point guard on the squad of head coach Doc Rivers.

“He might not get as much playing time as he would in a different situation, but Lin’s best bet to stick at this point in his career is to find his way onto a contender and accept a minimal role while staying ready in case there’s an injury or something of the sort that will give him exposure on an elite team.”

The only question now is, would Rivers be amenable to the situation? If he is taken in, Lin could find himself in a familiar situation. Last NBA season, Lin was picked up by the Toronto Raptors as a backup guard to Fred VanVleet.

At this stage in his career, Lin will have to rebrand himself in such a way or settle for what is available on the table. With a large influx of young talent taking over, the 30-year-old guard needs to accept the fact that most teams are investing in youth and the future.

This is not to say that Lin is way past his prime. It's just that with the surplus of talent, he needs to fight his way back up the ladder and show to whichever team he plays for that he can still be of good use. Right now, that team is unknown, and all the American-Asian can do is wait and see if he gets at least an NBA minimum deal.

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