Blockchain has been a technology that many industries have been interested in. The latest news is that Amazon, the world's largest online store, is interested in this technology as well. Coin Geek reported that the store is planning to integrate parts of their advertising business with the technology. The store recently posted a search for a senior software engineer which hinted at their plans to explore blockchain.

The software engineer will be joining Amazon's "Advertising FinTech team" which will reportedly work on a blockchain ledger.

The FinTech team, Ianmis Advertising, will also focus on the blockchain book defter. The successful member of the team, according to Our Bitcoin News, will also be responsible for creating an "architectural direction" to Amazon's rarely-used advertising business.

More intricate details about what use Amazon will have for the blockchain, as well as what it planned to do with the ad data, was not revealed. The project will be started from scratch which makes speculation about it not possible. The Amazon spokesman also said that any more information cannot be shared at this time.

The team will be based in Boulder, Colorado, and will also focus on building a new system that will handle the billing and reconciliation system.

The purpose of building it with blockchain as the backup will help introduce "transparency across international borders." The listing added that there is an opportunity to help create a technology architectural direction for the advertising business of the company with the use of blockchain.

Amazon certainly has plans for blockchain. It is slowly but surely taking these steps to introduce itself into the world of the next-gen technology.

It already has a headstart back in November, when it launched two services that are blockchain-based. These services have also used "decentralized technology" quickly.

The blockchain services at Amazon is known as the Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) and is used alongside the AWS' Managed Blockchain services. With this technology, these are able to be connected with the Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric.

In its current form, cryptocurrency blockchain systems are capable of showing where the money is sent and received when the transaction took place, and the amount of money that was involved in the transaction. The adtech program will integrate that information into the advertising system. As for the blockchain-based advertising reconciliation platform, it remained to be seen.

Rahul Pathak, general manager for AWS Managed Blockchain, was essentially pleased with the results. He added that Amazon had always had a treasured tradition of creating internally developed plans that turn into in-house projects.