Bosch Highlights Revolutionary 3D Display Panel For Cars
Bosch Highlights Revolutionary 3D Display Panel For Cars (Photo: DennisM2(CC0 1.0))

The notable electronics giant is working on a new 3D display which can be integrated into a car's instrument panel. Unlike most 3D displays and platforms, Bosch claims that its new 3D requires no googles or hardware to be utilized.

While most 3D platforms are designed for entertainment and related fields like video games, Bosch aims to develop its own 3D display for car warnings and diagnostics. The company claims that its platform can provide visual cues to the driver for instances like forwarding collision warnings.

Bosch claims that the 3D display panel can also project navigational aids. A 3D warning can hover on top of the instrument panel giving the driver various alerts about navigation warnings like a curved road or a steep road. The 3D panel can also give out warnings like whether the car's speed is safe when making turns, changing lanes, as well as blind spots.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this new 3D panel is that it does not require 3D glasses or use eye-tracking technologies, the latter is usually used in determining the driver's head and line of sight. The same technology can also be used in a car's rear end, which can be extremely helpful when backing up. Bosch plans to unveil details of this new 3D panel at the Frankfurt Auto Show which is expected to open next month.

Embedded 3D technologies are not entirely a new integration in the auto industry. In fact, there are a number of newer car models that already have simple 3D features. One of the most popular applications of 3D technology is map modeling and shading. However, Bosch claims that its new technology is completely different from the current trend. Bosch said that the new 3D instrument will be integrated on the car's instrument panel, the one located at the back of the steering wheel, and not on the central LCD.

In a statement, Bosch Car Multimedia president Steffen Bens said, "The display's depth of field means drivers can grasp important visual information faster, whether from an assistance system or traffic-jam alert."

With this new 3D technology, Bosch claims that it will make parking and backing up faster and safer. The company claims that the image rendered by its platform is more realistic. This means that drivers can easily distinguish them, therefore allowing them to make a decision to avoid obstacles. This will also allow drivers to park their cars with more speed. The 3D panel can render the exact amount of space left around its surroundings, therefore making the driver aware of it and make the necessary decisions to avoid a collision.