Taylor Swift Has Yet To Answer Kid Rock's Tweet About Her, Several Celebrities Called Him Out Instead

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift "Speak Now" Tour Hots Sydney, Australia. (Photo: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr)

Earlier this week, Taylor’s most recent interview has been finally released. And while the whole fandom enjoys the premise and scope of her raw and weighty interview, some celebrities did not. As it happened, the Bawitdaba singer, Kid Rock, posted a tweet upon the release of the interview and shared his “sexist” thoughts about the ME! singer. 

For several months now, Taylor has been utilizing her new music as a platform to her advocacies. This had become very apparent when she released one of Lover’s singles, You Need To Calm Down. In it, she largely expressed and pointed out how serious she is in supporting the LGBTQ community.  

Although this new music of hers captivated the attention of many, it is not surprising at all that it also became controversial. Aside from this, Taylor has been very active as well in advocating her political thoughts. She even mentioned that her upcoming album, Lover, will have “political tones.” 

Shortly after becoming vocal about her advocacies and thoughts on politics, many people questioned her for her current movements. Unfortunately, some individuals and critics take it as an “advertising” and marketing strategy for her new and upcoming album.  

It may be true though, as she is definitely earning money from it. But there is no denying to the fact that she has also helped a lot of people, especially in the LGBTQ community.  

On August 8, Taylor Swift’s interview with Vogue for the September Issue circulated all over the media. In her interview, she continued to share her thoughts on politics and sexism. She explained that “sexism” is very much rampant in the music industry.

Not to mention, she told in the interview that it is the reality today and she wants to call it out as she experienced it, especially when she was already creating music that “filled” stadiums.  

According to Billboard, Kid Rock immediately took his thoughts to Twitter the day after the publishing of the interview. And as per his surprising tweet, he called out Taylor Swift and claimed that she just wants to be a Democrat because she wants to enter the film industry. He even went on to “insinuate” that she would do “sexual favors” just to get into the industry as per Buzzfeed

His tweet has reached a hundred thousand of audience. But no word has heard from the ME! Singer. Even so, Chrissy Teigen responded to his claims and told him that he is “pathetic.”

Also, Kid Rock’s former collaborator, Sheryl Crow, answered his tweet and told him to “spread love.” Other celebrities who called Kid Rock out upon the release of his tweet include Brian Hernandez and Patty Arquette.  

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