'The Sims 5' Release Date News: Is The Much-Awaited Game Already In The Works?
With EA still mum about "The Sims 5" here are the confirmed details about the game that we know so far. (Photo: SimsTime/flickr)

"The Sims 5" is one of the most anticipated titles long before the game was even confirmed by Electronic Arts and Maxis. Just a few months after "The Sims 4" was released speculations and rumors about the release of its predecessor became rife. However, the nagging question right now about the highly anticipated title is that, is it already in development?

"The Sims" is still the most successful life simulation video titles in the gaming industry today. Recently, a series of expansion packs were released to the game to introduce fixes and new gameplay. Despite these, fans are still looking forward that EA and Maxis will release "The Sims 5."

But, the game developers are still, as of this writing mum about "The Sims 5." There is no indication or official confirmation that the game is in development. There was a high level of anticipation that EA will give something to the fans on E3 2019, but nothing was announced about "The Sims 5" except for the Island Living DLC for "The Sims 4."

In the video game industry game developers usually begin working on titles long before the announcement and with speculations about the game sequel; it is safe to assume that the same could be said to "The Sims 5." in 2018, "The Sims 4" sold 10 million copies four years after it was officially released in the market. It can be recalled that EA said that the only time they would release a sequel to the latest "The Sims" game available in the market is if it would be successful.

Assuming that 10 million copies were sold in 2018, the total number of copies purchased could be as high as 30 or 40 million considering that all those who have copies of the base game also purchased the DLCs of the game. Based on the statement of the game developer, it is safe to assume that "The Sims 5" could be well in the works.

Based on the release pattern of "The Sims" series, the general assumption is that the game might be released this year. This is because the two preceding titles were released with a five-year gap between their respective release dates. This is also the reason why rumors and speculations are rife surroundings "The Sims 5."

But the lack of announcement from EA about "The Sims 5" during this year's E3 is a clear indication that we might not yet see the game this year. It is possible that the game developer is ensuring that the upcoming title would be an enticing offer to its massive fan base. Let's just hope that the game developers will meet the expectations of the fans when the much-awaited title releases.