Philippine telecommunications company Globe bagged the highest honors at the recently concluded Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability (ACES) Awards 2019. The company went home with the "Top Workplaces in Asia" and "Industry Champion" recognitions. The firm also managed the rare accomplishment of having won top workplace in Asia for three consecutive years, according to Manila Bulletin.

Globe's three succeedings "Top Workplace" awards speak of how it managed to create a unique culture in the workplace, fostering responsibility while mixing it with technology and human-centered design in the workplace. Globe's success also mirrored how Philippine companies have been making quite the noise in Asia. Last year, Hong Kong-based Corporate Governance Asia (CGA) awarded the International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) with the "Asia's Best In Corporate Governance" award.

The Aces Awards, according to Sunstar, were given to companies in Asia that possessed the ideal new leadership practices. These were in investments to employees and possessing causes that help foster corporate social responsibility. The award is also given to companies which contributed directly to their communities and the world through their service and personal achievements, no matter how large or small it seemed.

Ernest Cu, Globe president, and CEO said that their recognition is also an acknowledgment to their purpose of doing good to people to fulfill their promise of becoming a "Globe of Good." He is especially proud of the company having accomplished building a culture of collaboration, innovation, and agility, bringing the best out of their group of people.

The chief executive officer of the MORS Group Shanggari Balakrishnan also shared insight into Globe's success.

Globe had displayed a "people-centric approach" and through that focused attention on their policies and initiatives which are "fully focused" on the promotion of an exceptional working environment which encouraged a work-life balance that worked in full harmony. These awards also recognized the company's efforts to promote "responsibility and compassion" through their work.

Balakrishnan, speaking about Globe's "Industry Champion" award, said that Globe showed how it has the competitive edge against other companies in this category. Globe has displayed an "ability to evolve its focus" and make the most out of the dynamic changes in the industry it works in, succeeding in getting to the top against all odds.

The event was done by the MORS Group. The organization is into helping corporate leaders, industrialists, and companies that are on a similar platform to help foster leadership and create sustainability.