‘GTA 6’ Release Predictions Bad News For PS4 & Xbox One Gamers
‘GTA 6’ Release Predictions Bad News For PS4 & Xbox One Gamers (Photo: Skush ™(CC BY-SA 2.0))

The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Scarlett are anticipated to arrive on 2020 while the window is already closing for a possible announcement of the "GTA 6" releasing on the current gaming platforms. Previously, we have heard rumors that the upcoming sixth game iteration would be an exclusive next-generation game for next-generation consoles. But, since Rockstar has not confirmed anything yet, anything could still happen to the franchise.

A new report claims that there are several good reasons why Rockstar may want to release "GTA 6" as a cross-generational title. Recently, it was reported that the PlayStation 4 had sold more than 100 million units. If you combine that with the success of Microsoft's Xbox One console, you have a staggering gamer base right there.

When "GTA 5" was released, it launched on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 before leaping to the consoles that we now have. This really boosted the sales for Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar with the title still strong on current gaming consoles. And, they can do it again on "GTA 6."

However, a recent claim states that "GTA 6" will not arrive until 2021 or 2022, which makes the title's chance of being released to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 a lot less likely. It would be perfect for bridging the gaming console generation if the game arrives in 2020. But if the recent claim proves accurate, it seems less likely that Rockstar would even consider releasing the much-awaited game to the current generation consoles.

The claim was made by Analyst Alex Gaimo of Jeffries. According to him, Take-Two Interactive has the most high-quality content compared to US publishers, but valuation feels full. He added that despite the unbelievable success of "Red Dead Redemption" series and the "Grand Theft Auto" series, Take-Two is currently in a soft spot if the timing of the next release is to be considered.

Meanwhile, Take-Two Interactive recently revealed its future plans through its CEO Strauss Zelnick shared that the company has the strongest development pipeline in its track record. He also suggested that a lot of new projects are on the way. The CEO even pointed out that sequels from its biggest franchises along with a new exciting IP are in the works. He added that the company is in the right position to capitalize on the positive trends in the industry and to create noteworthy growth and to expand its margin in a long term basis.

Based on this statement, sequels in the works from the company's biggest franchises really sound like good news for the expectant "GTA 6" fans.