'World of Warcraft Classic' Guide To Reserve Your Character Name Today
'World of Warcraft Classic' Guide To Reserve Your Character Name Today (Photo: Marco Verch(CC BY 2.0))

"World of Warcraft Classic" is just a few weeks away from its official launch, and the hype for the MMO title is extremely high. Over the weekend, Blizzard subjected the game to another set of acid tests on the servers, and Barren's char was good and alive. But, before players choose their class and race and prepare to go back to vanilla Azeroth, they have to reserve first their chosen character name and this guide will help you do that.

Several gamers who are drawn to "World of Warcraft Classic" feel that the new version puts a much greater and much better emphasis on the role-playing game aspect of the MMO because of the weird class quirks, punishing experience, and other game features which some players call downgrades of the quality of life. This particular focus on the RPG side means that many players will need to put a plethora of stock into their character names to be used in the game. Fortunately, players with an active subscription can begin reserving their names starting August 12.

The character name reservation for "World of Warcraft Classic" starts on August 12 at exactly 3 PM Pacific daylight time. For players who have game time or active subscriptions on their "WOW" account, they are allowed to create up to three characters for every "World of Warcraft" account and have the name reserved ahead of the scheduled release window of the highly anticipated game, which is on August 26, 2019 pacific daylight time. The complete lists of started Realms have already been listed, and players could now start to get together with their friends and decide if they will level up on a Normal, PvP, or RP server as soon as the title launches.

Also, players should change to Classic on the Battle.net launcher and log in to "World of Warcraft Classic." They should choose their server and character name any time after 3 PM pacific daylight time starting August 12. According to Blizzard, it will roll out details about the realm types and realm names at the time of the character creation or name reservation process.

The game studio added that it would post warnings of possible long queues on these reals so players will have ample time to select alternative realms. Blizzard also emphasized that character creation will only be limited to a single faction for every realm on the PvP realms. After the "World of Warcraft Classic" release, the number of character that can be created for each "World of Warcraft Classic" game account will be limited to a maximum of 10 characters and 50 characters across all "World of Warcraft Classic" realms in the player's region.