Google Pixel 4 News: Upcoming Device Could Get Sharp & Stunning Photos With 20X Zoom Feature

The Google Pixel 3 third generation smartphones are seen on display after a news conference in Manhattan, New York
The Google Pixel 3 third generation smartphones are seen on display after a news conference in Manhattan, New York (Photo: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton)

Ever since Google released its flagship smartphones, the company's main focus has always been its camera. And, it seems that things are set to become even much better with Google Pixel 4. Just recently, the search engine giant's design director shared a cryptic shot that according to him was taken by a Pixel device with 20 times zoom, which many assumed could be a hint on what consumers will get from the Google Pixel 4 camera.

Google design director Claude Zellweger recently shared on his Instagram account a picture that shows the light and shadow at the design studio of the search engine giant. The image does not reveal anything, but a comment on the account made by Zellweger himself as a reply to another Googler reveals that this is a shot from a Pixel device with 20 times zoom functionality. Many who have seen the post immediately assumed that the device could be the highly anticipated Google Pixel 4.

Based on the post and the comment, it is easy to assume that the device that the design director used is not the current Google Pixel smartphone available in the market. The Google Pixel 3 has 10 times maximum zoom capacity, and that is strictly digital. Even if the super res zoom feature of the Pixel 3 will not be able to achieve the 20 times zoom that the design director showed, so it's more likely a Google Pixel 4 device.

However, later, Claude Zellweger updated his post and claims that the image was captured by Google Pixel 3a. Although the phone does not natively shoot 20 times zoom images, cropping the shot allows the 20 times zoom to be achieved. The Instagram post was definitely an impressive image.

Despite this, it still highly likely that the Google Pixel 4 will have an enhanced zoom functionality or feature. Or, it could also be that the Google Pixel 4 was used to take 20 times zoom shot, and the image is just a primer of what the camera of the upcoming device is capable of. The image quality of the photo is definitely clearly being taken at a 20 times zoom, which hints that the search engine giant is most likely going to utilize its software prowess to combine it with the 16 MP telephoto lens to achieve an amazingly sharp zoom on the Google Pixel 4.

But, this is unofficially, and just like all other unofficial reports and claims about the Google Pixel 4, it is recommended that you take this with a pinch of salt.

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