‘Devil May Cry 5’ DLC News Could Be About Something Else Entirely
‘Devil May Cry 5’ DLC News Could Be About Something Else Entirely (Photo: Instacodez)

Earlier today, several sites report that a new "Devil May Cry 5" DLC could be in the works. The news steamed from a recent panel where voice actors of the game showed a brief video. Many were quick to assume that it could be about the upcoming DLC of the game.

But, there are many reasons why fans should not get too excited about this recent "Devil May Cry 5" DLC news. It can be recalled that when the game was launched several members of the game's development team pointed out that no downloadable content was in the development for the title. But if it's not a DLC, what could the video be all about?

The video came from the recent panel which features Dan Southworth and Reuben Langdon "Devil May Cry 5" voice actors for Vergil and Dante. At one point, Langdon shared a video from Capcom and asked those in attendance not to capture or record the video using their smartphones. Later, Southworth shared that the same video will be later revealed by Capcom.

Reports claim that it is too early for a new entry in the "Devil May Cry" series and the video is most likely about the new content of "Devil May Cry 5." With Gamescom just right around the corner, several sites reported that it would no longer be surprising to see the same footage during the Capcom show. But, it is worth noting that the video came from the Anime Festival Orlando panel.

The voice actor mentioned that Capcom allowed the panel to show the exclusive video of something. That is how the brief footage was described when it was shared. Although there are already previous speculations about "Devil May Cry 5" DLC, there is a high chance that this could definitely be about something else entirely not associated with the game.

Capcom already stated that there would be no more downloadable contents or updates for the title. Could the video be about a new game installment that will follow "Devil May Cry 5?" but, Capcom would definitely not use an anime convention panel as a way to announce a secret DLC for a game. Also, it is likely that the voice actors would reveal something like a project associated with "Devil May Cry 5."

It could be an anime series that might be released on Netflix, but definitely not a game. "Devil May Cry 5" is an action hack and slash title developed by Capcom. The game is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.