Xbox gaming controllers sit on a display shelf at Microsoft's new Oxford Circus store ahead of its opening in London
Xbox controllers are displayed neatly on a shelf. The Xbox One is yet to undergo another extensive redesign, with the Cortana assistant taken out. (Photo: REUTERS/Simon Dawson)

The ongoing war for console supremacy rages and Microsoft is throwing everything into the table. The tech giant recently hinted about what to expect with its upcoming follow-up to its current flagship. Simply dubbed as Project Scarlett, it is widely perceived as the upgraded and beefed-up version of Microsoft's Xbox One console.

In terms of processing power, Microsoft claims that Project Scarlett is expected to develop a hardware that is four times more powerful than the current Xbox One X model. With recent developments in processor manufacturing techniques, this is not exactly a high leap. Nevertheless, the upgrade is a much-needed boost in order to support bigger games with more sophisticated graphics output.

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Xbox executive in charge Phil Spencer said that the console's consistency is on the team's top priority. This means that the main focus during the development of the new console is for it to be able to load games faster than the current generation. Additionally, frame rate has been one of the biggest hurdles for many consoles. With some consoles locked in 30fps, it is a big leap for the upcoming Xbox upgrade to support up to 60fps refresh rate. Some with insider knowledge about the current development status of the console claim that the console can reach frame rates much higher than that.

Perhaps one of the fundamental features a next-generation console should have is backwards compatibility. Microsoft understands this, and the company is rumored to be working on that feature which is expected to be included in the upcoming Xbox model.

In a statement, Mr. Spencer said, "Making sure that all four generation of content - so the original Xbox games that run on your Xbox One today, the OG Xbox; the 360 games that run on your Xbox One; your Xbox One games; and the new generation games - all run on the next platform is important to us."

Spencer's announcement was received on a relatively positive note by many in the tech community. Upgrading to a new console has always been a daunting task. Moreover, the lack of backward-compatibility means that some games from an older platform cannot be played on newer ones. Microsoft may have understood this dilemma and has finally made necessary actions in order to address it.

Microsoft has been lagging behind Sony in the console market. The company has constantly looked for a feature that will make its console appeal to a bigger audience. With these new features expected to be added on its new-generation console, Microsoft may have finally solved that puzzle.