'911' Season 3 Arriving This Fall Along With Other Series, Spin-Off Material To Follow Schedule

911 Season 3
Angela Bassett plays Athena Grant in "911," speaking at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con International. (Photo: Gage Skidmore CC BY-SA 2.0)

Ahead of its second season finale, Fox has renewed 911 for another season. And based on recent reports, the network sees this procedural drama series as a gamechanger in the history of television.

With its apparent loyal fanbase, along with its witty and thrilling course, it is not surprising at all as to why the network renewed the show. Fox Entertainment President, Michael Thorn, revealed in an interview that 911 has been raising the bar "week after week" of airing its episodes. Not to mention, Pop Culture reiterated that Fox has been eyeing the hit series as an embodiment of "redefinition" of procedural drama series.

The network also extended its gratitude and support to the whole crew and cast of the series considering that they performed well in all aspects. And while there is a slight decline in terms of viewership numbers, its current course seems to suffice the overall satisfaction of Fox toward the series.

According to TV Line, 911 Season 3 will return this fall. But as for the number of episodes, it has been yet to uncover. For all the reports and fans know, the new season is still in the process of filming and shooting. And with only a few weeks left, it is highly likely that new details will come to light soon.

The same is true for its plot and premise. While there are hints already that the upcoming season will pick up where it last left off, there are no assurances yet as to how it will push through. Even so, it has been revealed that all main cast members will return to reprise their roles. These include Angela Bassett, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Peter Krause, Kenneth Choi, Oliver Stark, Aisha Hinds, and Ryan Guzman.

Its spin-off material titled, 911: Lone Star, which will star Rob Lowe, is also set to premiere after the third season's arrival. And per reports, it is revealed to air in 2020 on the network.

Along with 911 Season 3, Deadline reports that the series will arrive along with Fox's other new scripted materials. And on the same day, the first episode will be followed by the series premiere of Progidal Son, a crime drama show featuring Tom Payne, Bellamy Young, Michael Sheen, and Lou Diamond Phillips.

Empire's sixth and final season is also scheduled for a fall premiere which will arrive a day after. The same is also true for The Return Season 3 premiere as it will air after Empire's slot. There will also be new other scripted materials that will arrive on the network after Fox's initial fall premiere week.

911 Season 3 is scheduled to air on September 23.

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