'The Affair' Season 5 Centers On The Truths Behind Alison's Death, Ruth Wilson's Exit Revealed

The Affair Season 5
Actress Ruth Wilson at Showtime's "The Affair" FYC Screening and Panel on May 6, 2015. (Photo: Mingle Media TV via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)

Read at your own risk: This article contains spoilers for The Affair Season 5.

In two weeks, the fifth and final season of The Affair will finally premiere. After several months of waiting, the fans will now get to learn what really happened to Alison and her questionable suicide.

Quite obviously, it has been already revealed that Alison did not commit suicide. As it happened, she was murdered by her then-boyfriend, Ben, and was dump in a body of water.

Upon the revelation, the whole fandom went in total shock as this was not the ending that everybody expected. But even so, Distractify has unveiled that it was the plan all along.

In a previous interview, the series creator, Sarah Treem, enlightened the fans that this is what Ruth Wilson wanted. So even before the premiere of the fourth season, the writers already planned out her death in the finale.

She also went on to claim that Ruth Wilson's scenes as Alison Bailey were all filmed and shot primarily, before everyone else's scenes and schedules. But as for the reason behind, it seemingly appears that she was not able to disclose it on air.

Nevertheless, the publication still went on to speculate that it might be due to the salary difference that she had with her co-star, Dominic West, who plays the role of Noah Solloway in the whole course of The Affair. While this could be the actual reason, Ruth Wilson stated that it is not. And as per her, she did not want to leave the show. However, she cannot say why she left the series for good.

According to Meaww, Alison Bailey's death became the spark that allowed the fifth season of The Affair to continue. And based on the recently released previews and trailers, the final season will take place a decade after the events of her death. And this means that Alison and Cole's daughter, Joanie, is now a young adult who is reported to be the focal point of the fifth and final run.

As it happens, The Affair Season 5 will center on Joanie's return to Montauk in order to search for answers behind her mother's death. And based on the fans' general reception, Joanie will find the truth but it will not be the actual answers that she is looking for.

Accordingly, the series might end up in a bad place for Joanie and everyone involved, including especially Helen and Noah.

The Affair Season 5 will premiere on August 25, on Showtime.

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