'MasterChef' Season 10 Welcomes Grant Achatz, Judges Criticize Cook's Presentation For Its Human Corpse Appearance

MasterChef Season 10
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Read at your own risk: This article contains spoilers for MasterChef Season 10.

With Final Nine on the verge of the end, many of the fans are now taking sides on who will be the ultimate titleholder for MasterChef Season 10.

Quite amusingly, it is still difficult to predict who will win this season's competition considering that they still have a lot to go through. And with the upcoming episode's challenge, it seemingly appears that the competition is now becoming more intense and challenging for all the participating cooks.

In last week's episode titled, Box In A Box In A Box, the challenge featured a "mystery box" that contained all of the main ingredients that the cooks must utilize in their respective dishes. This challenge alone became a very tough one for the contestants since not all of them are pretty confident in handling shellfish and filet mignon together.

In the end, Fred Chang's raw filet has cost him his chance to win the MasterChef Season 10. And this only means that the challenges and tasks in the upcoming episodes will be so much more tricky and stressful.

As per Cartermatt, it has been revealed that the upcoming installment titled, Mind Blowing Foods, will feature the world-renowned Grant Achatz. And as every aspiring cook and enthusiast know, Achatz is apparently well-known for his "creative" and unique dishes. So, having him to judge the dishes made by the remaining cooks of the current season will be exciting and yet overwhelming.

There is no word heard as to how the challenge will proceed. For all the avid viewers know is that one of them will surely leave the show at the end of the challenge.

But looking at the most recent teaser and trailer for MasterChef Season 10 Episode 18, it looks like the cooks are having a really hard time in doing the tasks assigned to them. And surprisingly, one of the judges commented on one of the cook's presentation and explicitly told that the dish looks like a "human corpse."

Obviously, this is a negative comment made toward the dish. And this could end up in an "elimination" if in case the cook would not be able to redeem his or her dishes. But even so, it is largely expected that the upcoming episode of MasterChef Season 10 will offer much more thrilling, exciting, and shocking events once it arrives on Fox.

MasterChef Season 10 Episode 18 titled, Mind Blowing Foods, is set to air on August 14.

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