'Man In High Castle' Season 4 Release Date, Cast Details And Everything To Know

Alexa Davalos
Alexa Davalos stars in "Man in High Castle" on Amazon Prime. (Photo: David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons/Cropped)

The highly anticipated return of Man in High Castle season 4 is all set at Amazon Prime. The show about an alternative timeline in history wrapped up filming in February 2019, and now the streaming platform has confirmed it will premiere this November. 

According to TV Line, Amazon has set all episodes of Man in High Castle season 4 to drop on Friday, Nov. 15. It will also be the last season of the series, which promises to go out with a bang. 

"The final season will be rocked by war and revolution," the press release revealed. "The Resistance becomes a full-blown rebellion, driven by Juliana Crain's visions of a better world." 

Man in High Castle season 4 will kick off where season 3 ended with Juliana (played by (Alexa Davalos) opening her eyes to a new dimension. A new movement has taken over to fight the Nazis and the Japanese empire, but for Juliana, this fate is might be worse than her original predicament. 

According to Screen Rant, Man In High Castle season 4 will bring in new characters and a new conflict. Bell Mallory (played by Frances Turner) is a Nazi concentration camp survivor who moves to the Japanese Pacific States where she joins the movement where she befriends Elijah (played by Cle Bennet). Meanwhile, Inspector Kido (played by Joel de la Fuente) will be working for a new boss, Captain Iijima (played by Rich Ting).

This new dimension is only temporary for Juliana though, as she will still be reunited with the people in her former life. The first teaser of Man in High Castle season 4 hints that Juliana's two worlds will collide. 

Meanwhile, knowing that there are now different dimensions, John Smith (played by Rufus Sewell) will attempt to use this to get his son back, regardless of which dimension he'll find him or what version he'll find. Kido, on the other hand, will struggle between his duties to his leaders over his family. 

Man in High Castle is based on the book by Philip K. Dick. Created by Frank Spotnitz for television, the show debuted on the Amazon platform in 2015. The story tackled an alternative world where the Nazi and the Japanese won the Second World war. 

In the later seasons, however, it was unveiled that there are numerous versions of Earth with different histories. Some had the Allies winning the war, while some had lived through the success of the American resistance and it is the man who lives in the high castle that holds all the films and records of history taken from all these dimensions. 

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