'GTA 6' Story Details: Allegedly Have Multiple Time Periods; 2 Other Characters & More Leaked

‘GTA 6’ Release Predictions Bad News For PS4 & Xbox One Gamers
‘GTA 6’ Release Predictions Bad News For PS4 & Xbox One Gamers (Photo: Skush ™(CC BY-SA 2.0))

Despite the lack of official confirmation from Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive, speculations and rumors about "GTA6" are rife online. Over time, fans, gaming sited and forums shared a myriad of leaks and rumors about the sixth iteration of the popular role-playing game. The latest rumor aligns with previous leaks and speculations and claims that the upcoming title will have multiple time periods.

The latest leak for "GTA6" originally comes from Reddit user named xambie12 who claims that he discovered the details from one of the Grand Theft Auto online forums. Anyone excited for the "Grand Theft Auto 6" should take this information with a barrel of chemical salt and should treat all leaks related to the upcoming game with the utmost skepticism. According to the leaker, "GTA 6" will take place in several time periods and will allow players to travel into different cities.

Allegedly, "GTA 6" will begin in the 1970 era and will have a half Hispanic half-white drug dealer based in Liberty City for its main protagonist. Apparently, players will have to smuggle cocaine between Vice City and Liberty City, and then at some point, the main protagonist will end up in jail. He will be out after ten years, and the game will show the 1980s era.

Reportedly, the "GTA 6" epilogue will be set to present day with the game's online component still on the 80s. The leaker also shared that the game will also allow friends to play campaigns together online and will be a part of the main protagonist's crew. Additionally, the leaker claims that there will be two other characters that players will interact in "Grand Theft Auto 6."

The game's antagonist will be called The Mexican inspired from "No Country for Old Man" by Anton Chigurh. The leaker also revealed that another "GTA6" character will be an undercover FIB agent. For the uninitiated FIB is the equivalent term of FBI in the game series. The only question right now is if any of these claims are true.

Most probably these are just speculations considering that it was picked up from forums and no other credible source was revealed. It is worth noting that a few weeks ago, another Reddit user claimed to have significant details about the Alien DLC in "Red Redemption 2." But, it turned out that the leaker just made up the story to see if gaming sites will pick it up. Since Rockstar has not yet made any official statement about "GTA 6," claims like these will remain as speculations.

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