Jeremy Lin remains unemployed in the NBA, and it appears the Harvard graduate is close to nearing the fact that he may not get a chance to strut his wares this coming 2019-20 season. Known for his courageous plays, there is no question that he could consider joining other leagues - including the Chinese Basketball Association where he last played in 2011 for the Dongguan Leopards.

According to the South China Morning Post, several CBA teams have approached the 30-year-old guard on a possible stint for the coming season. Some teams have already started to talk to Linsanity although no further details are available as of this writing. Lin admitted that he is now considering the CBA during a recent press conference in Guangzhou for Chinese sportswear Xtep.

“Of course I am thinking about the CBA,” Lin said. “I don’t know where I will be next year, so I don’t have expectations. I know what level I can play at, so if I don’t get that I won’t settle.”

Aside from that, the belief that Lin would be suiting up next season in the CBA was further raised when he co-organized a charity game with current CBA stars. He also showed off the NBA trophy at the event.

After initially sounding off that the NBA has given up on him, it seems Lin has recovered and moved on. He says all he wants is to be happy and playing ball.

“I want to be happy, that is the main thing. When you are competing, everything is about the NBA. But I am 30 now, the main thing is to be happy,” he said.

All that remains right now is which CBA team would come to terms with the American-Asian. The one-time NBA champion is expected to earn more than he would have he agreed to sign up with an NBA team although money hardly seems to matter for as long as he continues his NBA journey.

In the CBA, he will cross paths with some familiar NBA faces. That includes Lance Stephenson who came to terms with the Liaoning Flying Leopards for one-year. Another player who would have made his return is Michael Beasley. However, the 30-year-old forward opted to join the Detroit Pistons instead. However, he will be sitting out five games after being suspended by the NBA for violating the league's anti-drug policy.