Latest Microsoft Patch Tuesday Fixes 93 Security Bugs

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Tech giant Microsoft recently released its regular Tuesday patch. The patch fixed a total of 93 security bugs. The list is composed of 29 Critical fixes, and the rest are rated differently in terms of threat severity.

Every second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft releases its monthly security update. The schedule is regularly known as Patch Tuesday. In the latest iteration of this practice, Microsoft released quite a handful of security fixes.

This month, Microsoft released a total of 93 security patches. The company also published two security advisories that cover possible issues that might affect the company's products and services. What separates the latest patch from the much of its predecessor is that it provides a fix for loopholes that were not under attack or were publicly disclosed.

Perhaps the most important piece of update Microsoft released this month is the fix for the Windows Remote Desktop Services. The bug was labeled to be critical. According to a handful of security analysts, the bug can allow malicious users total access to a remote computer by taking advantage of this particular bug. Microsoft claims that releasing a patch for this vulnerability is ones of the company's utmost priority.

Sharing the news on the social media platform, the Microsoft Security Response Center shared, "August 2019 Security Update includes fixes for wormable RCE vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop Services (RDS), affecting all in-support versions of Windows."

Aside from these Microsoft-related issues, the recent patch also included a fix for a number of non-Microsoft bugs. The recent Tuesday patch included a fix from VMWare, SAP, and Adobe. Of these three companies, Adobe released the most number of fixes. The company provided fixes for a number of its proprietary software including Create Cloud, Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, Premiere Pro, Experience Manager, and After Effects. It is important to note here that no fix was provided for Adobe Flash.

A number of security experts have lauded Microsoft's latest security effort. In the past, the company has been criticized for its lack of immediate response to attacks and perceived vulnerabilities. The latest set of patches and fixes simply showed how committed Microsoft is in preventing attacks rather than struggling to develop a fix once a vulnerability is exposed. Microsoft is clearly doing its homework in making sure that every conceivable loophole is fixed before the public knows about it. It is an impressive effort and evolution that has been marked in the past as notorious in this particular aspect of

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