'The Inbetween' Season 2 Renewal Not Yet Confirmed; Paranormal Series Deemed As Bland And Cliche

The Inbetween Season 2
Paul Blackthorne as Detective Tom Hackett on NBC's "The Inbetween." (Photo: Heroes & Villains CC BY-SA 2.0)

The pilot run of NBC's summer procedural series, The Inbetween, has just concluded a few hours ago. And after airing a total of ten episodes, some loyal fans are wondering if the network will renew the series for a new season.

Unfortunately for its loyal fanbase, the renewal decisions toward the series have not been disclosed yet by NBC. And for some unknown reason, they have yet to confirm or announce anything about the show's future. This is why most avid viewers today are quite worried considering the series' status in terms of its viewership numbers and ratings.

According to TV Series Finale, The Inbetween was able to garner an average of 2.6 million viewers in its pilot season. While the number has remained consistent throughout the run, it is still deemed as NBC's lowest figure among all of the network's series material records.

As every avid series viewers, these are already "red flags" for a show considering it all fell in the pilot season. Not to mention, the general reception of the procedural-slash-paranormal drama series is inclining toward the negative spectrum.

In a review made by Variety, the publication concluded that The Inbetween was not able to offer any surprising plot and twist. It was largely pointed out that everything is "predictable" if not confusing.

Also, the words "cliche" and "bland" were essentially utilized to describe the show's first run on NBC. And based on this kind of accession, it seemingly appears that the show's return might not happen at all.

Even so, many are still hopeful and positive that NBC would give the series another chance to prove itself. And per Cartermatt's defense on behalf of the show, The Inbetween was the only scripted material placed on its slot. So while it had an underperforming record during the first run, it did not have any show or program to compare with.

The publication went on to further emphasize that there were series and shows previously that NBC continued to air even after receiving bad reviews and figures. Nevertheless, they still made it to the point that The Inbetween has a little chance to continue its run for a new season.

While this may cause the loss of optimism among the fans, it is still much better to wait for NBC's further announcements. Besides, the network has not yet canceled the show for good. Therefore, things might still work out for the cast and crew of the series.

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