'Krypton' Season 3 Might Arrive In Summer 2020; Syfy Renewal Yet To Be Confirmed

Krypton Season 3
Ian McElhinney as Val-El on Syfy's "Kryton." (Photo: Sam CC BY-SA 2.0)

Just a few hours ago, Krypton Season 2 has finally wrapped things up. While the course of the show has been one crazy roller coaster ride that certainly entertained and thrilled the fans, it also caused sadness. And it is all because Syfy has yet to confirm the show's return in the future.

The second season of the DC-based series has been commissioned by Syfy a day before the pilot season finale. Accordingly, many fans have expected that it might also happen in the case of the third season renewal. However, no announcement and confirmation were heard from the network even after the finale of the second season.

As per Screen Rant, the fans are now worried if Krypton will still return for a new season. And in considering that the show's latest run had a minor decline in terms of its viewership records, loyal fans are now losing hope toward the third season.

Even so, the publication asserted that Syfy had commissioned a spin-off series titled, Lobo, which will largely center on Lobo's character. And with this development at hand, it has become, somehow, a "tell" that Krypton might get a renewal anytime soon.

It is also worth noting that Bustle contended that a decrease in ratings and viewers is not the main factor for a cancellation. Although this could be a consideration, the series is still one of the highly-rated materials that Syfy has offered to its viewers and clients.

The publication continued with speculations about the show's third season if ever it gets green light from the network. And based on the reception, it is very likely that Krypton Season 3 will premiere between the summer and fall season of 2020.

This is actually in consideration of the show's pattern when it comes to its previous seasons' premiere schedules. And if that truly happens, then it is also possible that the new installment will get a total of ten episodes just like it did in its first two runs.

So far, these are the only details that have been shared on the media about the show's future. And while they are all based on theories and speculations, they are all still viable notions.

But in the end, as per TV Series Finale, it is still best to wait for Syfy's confirmations about Krypton's future which might all arrive in the coming months of 2019. And since the show has not been officially canceled yet, then there is still hope for a third season.

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