'Counting On' Season 10 Release Date, Cast Details, Jinger Spinoff And Everything To Know

Counting On
"Counting On" is formerly known as "Jill & Jessa: Counting On," which debuted on TLC in 2015. (Photo: Jim Bob Duggar [CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)])

Counting On season 10 is all set for its big return. Though fans of the series can keep following the cast on their social media, tuning in to the reality TV show still brings a different form of enjoyment. So, when will the new episodes finally hit the small screen? 

As of press time, TLC hasn't made an official announcement regarding Counting On season 10. However, a blimp on People Magazine might have just provided a clue to the premiere date with the announcement of the pregnancy of John David's wife, Abbie.

According to the blurb, Counting On season 10 will begin in October on TLC. Although the exact date has not yet been determined, there is finally a detail about how long the fans must wait until the premiere since its season 9 finale in March.

Counting On season 10 will be bringing a lot of exciting changes. First off, Jessa Duggar has had baby number three while her nephews and nieces are also expecting their newborns. Aside from John David and Abbie, Josh and Anna, Joseph and Kendra, and Josiah and Lauren are also becoming parents this fall. 

But it's not just a baby boom on Counting On season 10 as this year, Jill Duggar is moving to Arkansas with her growing family. Jinger Duggar, on the other hand, is also flying to Los Angeles with her husband Jeremy Vuolo as the latter is pursuing a graduate class.  

With news of Jinger's move to Los Angeles, speculations have been ripe regarding a Counting On spinoff. While every Duggar family will be followed around by a TLC camera crew, is this new set up with Jinger and Jeremy a backdoor pilot to their upcoming solo show? 

TLC hasn't confirmed their plans for Jinger and Jeremy, but the couple has been having a great time in Los Angeles since their move. They have gone on different tours and have been to a lot of restaurants. They have also enjoyed sports events with their little girl, which is not something Duggars do because it goes against their religious lifestyle. 

Dubbed as the rebel child, Jinger is known as the more progressive Duggar in the family. Because of her different lifestyle, she has more followers and fans on the show than her other siblings. Will this be enough, however, to push TLC to let her and her husband have their series? 

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