'Splitsvilla' Season 12 Release Date And Contestant Details

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone is one of the host of "Splitsvilla" season 12 on MTV India. (Photo: Bollywood Hungama [CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)])

Splitsvilla season 12 is hitting the small screen with host Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh. Set to premiere on Friday, Aug. 16, 2019, on MTV India, this installment's theme has been highlighted as "Your Best Shot at Love."

The latest installment will feature 10 women and 16 men who will compete with each other for the grand prize -- a shot at finding their perfect match. Following the theme, Splitsvilla season 12 will also bring the dating app experience on live television, per the Times of India

This year's contestants from the men have been identified and a handful of them are from New Delhi: Pranav Bhardwaj, 20, Shrey Mittal, 24, Rahul Gujral, 22, Uday Sachdeva, 20, Anshit Khandelwal, 20, SambhavBaid, 23, Pulkit Kapoor, 21, and Aman Dheer, 24, New Delhi, per TellyChakkar. The rest of the male contestants are Alfez Khaishagi, 24 from Indore/Mumbai, Piyush Sharma, 27 from Jaipur/Mumbai, Ankush Kalyan, 23 from Mohali, Shivam Bihari, 19 from Bihar/Mumbai, PratyakshRajbhatt, 22 from Mumbai, Abhinay (Loka), 23 from Pune, Bhavin Bhanushali, 20 from Mumbai and Ashish Bhatia, 23 from Dehradun.

The female hopefuls on Splitsvilla season 12 are only 10 contestants. Five of the ladies come from New Delhi: Alice Gari, 22, Soundarya Thakur, 21, Aahna Sharma, 19,  Hridya Prajapati, 20, and Bhavya Sharma, 20. Four girls come from Mumbai: Jinal Sharma, 23, Meisha Iyer, 25, Arshiya, 23, Mumbai, and Priyamvada Kant, 30, while a lone woman comes from Ranchi, Aradhana Sharma, 20. 

As with other dating reality TV shows on television, Splitsvilla, which started its run in 2008will isolate the contestants from the real world. While inside the house, the men and women have to endure physical and mental challenges that give them the best chances of maintaining in the villa. 

While there, the contestants have to forge relationships, where both sides may be highlighted. They may form friendships or potential romantic pairings. However, they may also encounter jealousy, backstabbing, and breakups as the pressure mount week after week on Splitsvilla season 12. 

Contestants will be matched by an  "Oracle" based the answers they have given during the audition phase. However, not everyone will have an immediate match, hence the difference between the numbers of girls and boys. Ideal matches may also differ based on how the contestants play their game inside the villa. 

Whoever remains and wins in the villa by the final week will be crowned the King and Queen. However, it's also possible for no King or no Queens to be named depending on how the whole season turns out. 

Splitsvilla season 12 will also be streaming on the platform Voot for viewers in India and the United Kingdom. 

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