PlayStation 5 Is Nearly As Powerful As RTX 2080; GPU Clocked at 2 GHz

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With 2019 almost halfway through and we are nearing the rumored release of the PlayStation 5, there is still a lot that we do not know about the upcoming console from Sony. Earlier, several gaming studios shared their positive experience with Sony's next-generation console, and they have nothing but impressive praises to the gaming console. But, a new rumor claims that the upcoming console is almost as powerful as the RTX 2080 and was clocked at 2 GHz.

On Twitter, reliable leaker named Komachi shared Oberon sample clocks which many assumed to be similar to Gonzalo and Ariel. These are believed to be the names of the APU for the PlayStation 5. Based on the leak, the gen 2 number is too high, and it would place Sony's next-generation console way above the AMD Navi 5700 GPU and nearly at par with the AMD RTX 2080 when it comes to power.

The leak also reveals that the GPU of the PlayStation 5 could be clocked at 2 GHz. There are only a few official details that were previously revealed by Sony's Mark Cerny. This includes a CPU that will be based on the third generation AMD Ryzen line and a GPU that will support ray tracing.

The PlayStation 5 will also have 8 Zen 2 cores with unrevealed clock speeds and 7nm AMD Radeon Navi GPU, and 8K Output Support. Its SSD, according to some reports, will be much faster than PC solutions. It will also feature PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility. Meanwhile, another rumor claims that the highly anticipated next-generation console will be officially launched during a PlayStation event dubbed as PlayStation Meeting 2020.

The claim originally came from 4Chan, and the leaker said that he obtained these details from the company's internal marketing document. This event is said to happen on February 12, 2020, and will be attended by other game publishers and developers. This includes Activision, EA, and Electronic Arts.

In addition, the leaker also shared that during the PlayStation Meeting 2020 some of the much-awaited titles will also be launched. He mentioned a couple of games which are "The Ghost of Tsushima" and the highly-anticipated PlayStation exclusive sequel "The Last of Us 2." Most likely, it will be during this event that fans could hear more about the details of these titles.

Both the leaked specs and the leaked marketing materials about PlayStation 5 have no reliable sources. And, since these are not official information coming from Sony, it is smart to take these details with a barrel of salt and treat any details related to PlayStation 5 with skepticism until they are officially released by Sony.

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