instagram app login splash screen logo on iphone (Photo: Flickr/Perzonseo Webbyra)

Instagram is currently trying out new things according to a new report. Boomerang modes, notification filters, website settings, camera icons, and Layouts for Stories are currently being tested and will soon be rolled out in the photo and video sharing app owned by Facebook. Over the years, Instagram has become the top social media network for many users.

With more than 1 billion users as of May 2019, Instagram is now trying out new things to offer to its users just to keep them engaged with the platform. According to the prolific reverse engineer Jane Machun Wong, the photo and video sharing app is now trying out new Boomerang modes that will be used within IG stories. These new modes include Hold, which pauses at the end of every loop.

There is also the Dynamic mode, which wiggles at the end of every loop. The new Instagram Boomerang mode will also include the SlowMo mode, which slows down the classic boomerang mod. Another mode is called Duo that slows down or speeds up the Classic mode by a small margin.

Since these are not yet officially released, the names of each of the new Boomerang modes could only be working titles and not the final or official names. In other words, these could still change when Instagram officially rolls out these upcoming changes. The blog also shares an interactive emulation of what the new modes would look like.

As for Instagram Stories, new layout options are also coming in the future. The IG Layouts offer users with grid options to display images from their Story Camera or from the camera roll of their smartphones. Before, Layouts are only limited to post created within the feed or timeline of Instagram.

Additionally, Instagram is also currently trying out notification filters in the app's Activity tab. This allows users to see a specific set or category of notifications. This is good news, particularly for those with medium to large followings. Aside from these, there are also several other changes coming to Instagram.

This includes new Story Camera modes icons as well as the ability to access the Websites Settings and the App Settings page within the app. All of these features are still experimental and will be most likely rolled out on both iOS and Android versions of the app in the future.