Prince Charles And Camilla Parker-Bowles Divorce Is A Possibility When Queen Elizabeth Steps Down, Reports Suggest

Prince Charles may have no choice but to divorce Camilla once he takes the throne as King. This speculation comes from Palace insiders who are hinting that Queen Elizabeth II will be stepping down on her 95th birthday next year and retire from her royal duties.

According to a report by New Idea, Prince Charles is growing increasingly worried about the health of his 94-year-old mother and the amount of work she has still been doing despite her advanced age. He has already been taking on more of her commitments for her to scale back and relax a bit.

However, Prince Charles is also growing increasingly more stressed out by the fact that, while he is poised to take the throne in 23 months, public acceptance of his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, has remained low.

The Queen is, reportedly, quite apprehensive about Camilla's low approval ratings as this may affect the love and respect of the people for Charles -- her heir. There are even reports that divorce remains as one of the options, even though Prince Charles has never made it a secret that he wanted to rule with Camilla by his side.

"This is a worry for Charles. I'm surprised Camilla's ratings are low because several polls in the last couple of years have shown her to be more popular with the public. What we must remember is that many young people don't remember Diana and many older people have forgiven Camilla," the source revealed.

Early this year, a YouGov poll revealed that the Duchess of Cornwall received a 29 percent approval rating from the public. However, 39 percent of those who were surveyed expressed disapproval of Prince Charles' second wife.

The negative public perception of the Duchess continues to puzzle Palace insiders. It was, also, revealed that most of the young people do not remember Princess Diana and most of the older generation have moved on from the controversy that happened with Prince Charles, his affair with Camilla and his divorce with Diana.

Twenty years after the death of Princess Diana, it seems like Camilla still finds it hard to secure public approval. However, those close to the Duchess said that she performs her responsibilities as a royal and wins over those whom she meets with her down to earth personality. In 2018, she even attended more royal functions than Prince Harry and Kate Middleton, BT previously reported. 

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