'Marco Polo' Season 3 Revival: Is There Hope For A Spinoff?

Benedict Wong
Benedict Wong played Kublai Khan in "Marco Polo" on Netflix. (Photo: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)])

It has been three years since Netflix dropped the bad news that Marco Polo season 3 is no longer happening. But, fans are still hoping the show will earn a revival or at least a spinoff. Is there still a chance for this show? 

In 2016, Netflix announced that it would not renew Marco Polo season 3. However, in a statement to the press, series creator John Fusco said that he was re-teaming with the production to work on a show with a similar theme. Was he hinting of a Marco Polo spinoff? 

"We're working on an idea right now in a similar space that we're very excited about," Fusco said, per The Hollywood Reporter. However, Fusco had been planning this new show with the embattled producer Harvey Weinstein and his studio, The Weinstein Co.

In 2017, The Weinstein Co. declared for bankruptcy following the numerous sexual misconduct allegations against its founder. One of Weinstein's accusers was a producer on Marco Polo, who claimed that the studio boss raped her repeatedly. 

In February, Deadline reported that Fusco was indeed developing a historical drama. But it's not about the Mongol empire in the world of Marco Polo. Instead, the new series will be titled Hispaniola, about the story of Christopher Columbus and the first European settlement in the late 1400s. 

Thus, any hopes for a Marco Polo season 3 or even a Marco Polo spinoff are now dashed as the creator has moved on from this project with a new series. Besides, the two main stars of Marco Polo have been visible in other shows as well since the cancellation on Netflix. 

Titular star Lorenzo Richelmy is now working on the movie Snowfire after ABC dropped his TV pilot Triangle, which was supposed to be in this fall's line-up. The actor also worked in the Swedish-English series Sanctuary, which recently wrapped up its first season. 

Richelmy's co-star and the most dominating presence on Marco Polo, Benedict Wong, will soon be back on the Marvel Cinematic Universe set to reprise his role as Wong, Doctor Strange's sidekick in the superhero movie Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch. He's also going to be in the film Nine Days,a drama and fantasy. 

Money also factored into the cancellation of Marco Polo. According to reports, Netflix loss $200 million from this big-budgeted series and thus decided, together with The Weinstein Co., that the show will not be moving forward. 

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