Teen Titans Season 6
A Derivative Work: Cartoon Network's "Teen Titans" Logo (Photo: Teens Titans [Public domain])

More than a decade has passed, and fans of Teen Titans are still hoping for another comeback. As it happens, the whole fandom is still waiting for the sixth season to happen. And even if the series had already concluded 13 years ago, a new installment is still in the loop of talks among the cast and fans.

When Teen Titans first premiered on Cartoon Network in 2003, it immediately caught its audience and market. And undoubtedly, the show has received wide success throughout its course on the network.

But, despite its huge fame and success, Cartoon Network seemingly "canceled" the show after five seasons in 2006. And to everyone's dismay, they decided to wrap things up through its 2006 film, Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo.

While the fans were kept in the waiting game, it became a huge surprise when Cartoon Network released the show's spin-off material, Teen Titans Go! in 2013. And today, the show is still ongoing completing its sixth season that premiered last July.

According to The Geekiary, Teen Titans Go! is a pretty good spin-off despite the fans' "anger" and "irritation." The writer himself attested that he felt the same thing when Teen Titans did not receive its course and plot continuation after 2006.

But after watching the spin-off's theatrical film, Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, which premiered in 2018, his views about the spin-off changed. Even so, it doesn't change the fact that the fans are still hoping for the original's comeback.

It is also worth noting that when the theatrical film was about to premiere last year, it has been largely claimed and reported that when the film performs well in theaters, the network will grant both Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! a new season as per Inverse.

However, the spin-off has already started its course, +and still, no word has heard yet from the production of Teen Titans. So while the fans are starting to lose the optimism of having another season of the original show, they still cling on to the fact that fifth season finale of Teen Titans Go! seemingly hinted that the original cast will be back for a new installment.

So far, these are the only details that have been shared about the series. Even so, it seemingly appears that the hope is still apparent among the fans, yet it is also apparent that everyone is still in the waiting game. And unless Cartoon Network finally puts an end to all the speculations about a new season, the fans appear to be willing to wait patiently.