'Paradise PD' Season 2 Possible Release Date On Netflix; What To Expect In The Next Installment?

Tom Kenny
Tom Kenny voices Chief Randall Crawford in "Paradise PD." (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Netflix's animated comedy series Paradise PD is coming back for a second season; the renewal announcement comes two months after the show premiered on the streaming giant. From the creators of Brickleberry, Waco O'Guin, and Roger Black, the series follows bad cops - not bad as no-nonsense, not bad like cool, they're just really bad - and their equally bad adventures.

In October 2018, it was announced, via Twitter, that Paradise PD season 2 is officially happening on Netflix. But, while the renewal status of the animated comedy series has been confirmed, its exact release date was not yet revealed. But, then, some speculated the new season might come out in late 2019, along with 10 new episodes.

Paradise PD follows Chief Randall Crawford (voiced by Tom Kenny), Gina Jabowski (Sarah Chalke), a psychotic and violent police officer with a fat fetish; Fitz Fitzgerald (Cedric Yarbrough), a police suffering from PTSD; Dusty Marlow (Dana Synder), an obese police officer; Stanley Hopson (Synder), an elderly homosexual police officer; and Bullet (Kyle Kinane), a police dog addicted to the confiscated drugs in the evidence room.

All of these characters are "dysfunctional," and they can be called "losers" in the real world. However, Kevin Crawford (David Herman) is the biggest loser of them all, as he became a cop in a classic case of nepotism because his mother is also the mayor of the town, Karen Crawford. All of the cast members are expected to return in Paradise PD season 2.

The question now is, will things turn around for Kevin in the next season? He has always dreamed of becoming a police officer just like his father and pictured himself in a uniform. So, his mother made his dream come true of becoming a cop, but things aren't going to be easy since he's a "loser."

No matter what he does and where he goes, he's still a "loser." For instance, a girl dumped him in one of the episodes because he happened to like giant robot dinosaur cult. Hopefully, Kevin could redeem himself in the second installment, meaning the character will have some substance.

Fans can also expect Paradise PD season 2 bringing more adult humor when it returns. The new installment will likely feature more antics as the team will find themselves landing into more trouble while, at the same time, trying to take down the bad guys. Viewers can expect an overarching story arc again, as teased by creator O'Guin.

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