'Undercover' Season 2 Release Date, Plot And Cast On Netflix Unveiled

Anna Drijver
Anna Drijver stars in Netflix's Dutch drama series "Undercover." (Photo: Roy van Ingen/Wikimedia Commons)

Undercover season 2, the Dutch and Belgian drama series that was imported on Netflix, has been confirmed. Production for the follow-up season is taking place in Europe and the second season will reportedly focus on the drug and illegal arms trade.

According to VarietyUndercover season 2 will have 10 episodes just like the first season. This installment will open a year following last season's events with Anna Drijver (as Kim De Rooij) and Tom Waes (as Bob Lemmens) reprising their roles. 

Undercover season 2 will find Kim working for a human rights group while Bob is still a cop. They will work together again after tracing an arms' deal from Syria that goes all the way to Belgium. This time, however, only Bob will go undercover. 

Last season's villain Ferry Bouman (played by Frank Lammers) will also return in Undercover season 2, but he will likely have little scenes with Bob and Kim. Ferry is actually in prison, but he will have his allies outside find out who was the undercover agent that got him in his present predicament.

According to a Belgium TV networkUndercover season 2 has been filming since April 2019. Showrunner Nico Moolenaar is still behind the production with the principal photography projected to be completed in September.

Following the filming, Undercover season 2 is primed to be released sometime in the spring of 2020. It's unclear, however, if Netflix in the U.S. will release the show at the same time as its airing on the networks in The Netherlands, Belgium, and France, as well as some other parts of Europe.

Undercover season 1 aired first in the region and then Netflix in the U.S., as well as in its other global territories dropped the episodes a few weeks after the TV broadcast in its home countries. The show was well-received not just in the European regions but also in America. 

Bob and Kim went undercover as a couple in Undercover season 1. They became regular at the campgrounds where a drug kingpin used to spend his weekend until he was arrested and brought to prison. 

Meanwhile, it must be noted that there are several shows titled Undercover in the Netflix library, especially in the North American territories. This Dutch and Belgian show, however, dropped on the platform on May 3, 2019. 

The first season is still accessible on the streaming platform with 10 episodes for binge-watching. 

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