'The Boondocks' Season 5 Could Happen As Sony Confirms Series Return With Creator Aaron McGruder

The Boondocks Season 5
A Derivative Work: Williams Street (Adult Swim) - Atlanta, GA. (Photo: Breanna Nawrocki/Flickr | Cropped)

It has been long five years already ever since clients of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim has seen the last of The Boondocks. But, as per recent reports, the comic series is set to return soon as confirmed by the show's heads and bosses, sparking speculations that The Boondocks Season 5 could happen soon.

In 2014, the controversial yet entertaining fourth season of the said series pursued its course even without Sony and its creator Aaron McGruder. For some undisclosed reason, The Boondocks continued the whole plot isolated from its original heads.

While there were surrounding controversies and allegations during that time, the fourth season still became successful in delivering its witty and realistic entertainment. However, no word was heard from the network and production ever since it concluded.

It is only recently that the talks of The Boondocks Season 5 have surfaced the media. According to CBR, the comic series' voice actor for Grandpa, John Witherspoon, claimed in an interview with Joe Rogan's podcast that the series would be back. And he seemingly hinted that he'd be back as well to reprise the role.

But, as for the other cast members, especially Regina King, who just recently won her Oscar Best Supporting Actress, no further information has been given if she will reprise the roles, Huey and Riley, in The Boondocks Season 5.

A few weeks after the said interview, Variety has learned that Sony Pictures Animation finally announced that The Boondocks would return as a "reimagination" of the initial run. And it is still unclear yet if the "reimagination" will be in the form of a fifth season or entirely a new comic series with the same title.

Aside from the show's return, Sony also confirmed that the show would be headed, once again, by its original creator, Aaron McGruder. Therefore, it is only a matter of time when the show returns on Adult Swim.

It is also expected that new details and updates will come to light in the next few months. But as for its exact premiere and release date, Comic Book has pointed out that there are no updates yet about the matter.

Even so, it still made the fans a lot happier, and more excited since The Boondocks's future is now sealed. And whatever the case might be for its return, whether it will be a whole new show or a continuation of the previous installment, it does not change the whole good news of the show's comeback.

It is also believed that the upcoming premise of the upcoming reimagination will largely tackle Trump's presidency and a whole lot more pop culture headlines considering they've missed five years of it.

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