'Just Add Magic' Season 4 Canceled; 'Just Add Goodbye,' Aubrey Miller Says

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The last episodes dropped on Amazon in February but the streaming platform hasn't announced the cancellation. (Photo: TAKA@P.P.R.S/Flickr)

Has Amazon canceled Just Add Magic season 4? The family series about young teenage girls as protectors concluded its last season in February 2019. Since then, the streaming platform has not yet announced if it was renewing or canceling the show, but star Aubrey Miller said that Just Add Magic is done.

In a post on Twitter, Miller told fans that they are officially finished filming the series thus ruling out a Just Add Magic season 4 renewal. However, she also expressed her appreciation for being part of a fun series for four years. 

"We have completed filming Just Add Magic," Miller posted. "But you can go back and watch all the seasons 'Just Add Goodbye.' Thank you for being a Just Add Magic fan!" 

The actress posted this in reply to the fan who wondered if the end of last season was, in fact, the actual end of the series. Miller also replied to a grandparent on Twitter to confirm that the February 2019 release of Just Add Magic season 3 was the last. 

However, adding to the confusion from the fans is the episode release order of Just Add Magic season 1 to season 3. 

To clarify, Amazon released Just Add Magic's pilot episode in January 2015. A year later, the full first season release arrived on the streaming platform on January 2016 with episodes 2 to 13 episodes, per The Futon Critic

The streaming platform then released Just Add Magic the Halloween Special in October 2016. This also served as the second episode for season 2. 

Then on January 2017, Just Add Magic season 2 episodes 2 to 13 dropped on the platform. This was split from the rest of the second season (episodes 14 to 26), which were made available on the streaming site in January 2018.

Thus, fans thought that this was the third season when it was just the second half of season 2. Then, finally, Just Add Magic season 3 with 11 episodes were released on Amazon last February 2019. 

Just Add Magic follows three best friends -- Kelly (Olivia Sanabia), Darbie (Abby Donnelly) and Hannah (Miller) -- whose love for cooking led them to the discovery of an ancient cookbook that had a magical result. Just Add Magic season 3 ended with the girls no longer tasked to protect the books. With no more mysteries to solve, the show has relatively concluded their story. 

The series was Amazon's most successful original programming for kids. On June 2019, Universal Kids also started airing old episodes on its platform.  

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