'The Enemy Within' Season 2 Is Not Happening; NBC Cancelled Series After Pilot Season

The Enemy Within Season 2
Jennifer Carpenter, Erica Shepherd on NBC's "The Enemy Within," speaking at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con International. (Photo: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)])

Read at your own risk: This article contains spoilers for The Enemy Within.

In a span of three months, the pilot season of The Enemy Within ran for 13 episodes. But to what seemed a good psychological crime drama series, it did not last long enough to prove its worth on its network.

On May 20, The Enemy Within concluded its pilot run. But ten days after, NBC has announced that it will no longer continue the series.

Sadly for the fans, no clear reason was given regarding the surprising cancellation. Many were expecting that the series will continue up to the third or fourth season.

According to TV Line, the first season of the show started in a strong position. As it happened, the series placed on the eighth rank of NBC's top scripted materials. But as the show progressed, the decline on the viewership records have become very apparent. So, without a doubt, this has become the main factor as to why the show has been cut out.

The Enemy Within has a good premise to start with. It starred Dexter's main cast member, Jennifer Carpenter, who played the role of Erica Shepherd.

The main plot centered on Erica and how brilliant she was as a CIA operative. But when her daughter, Hannah, was targeted by a master terrorist, Tal, she was forced to reveal identities of four CIA agents.

Quite obviously, these agents were killed, which then led to her becoming the country's "most notorious traitor" in history. Upon receiving her sentence of imprisonment, Tal strikes back in the country which forced the agents on the field to ask for Erica's assistance considering her "essential" links to the terrorist.

The show went on to detail how Erica and the crew solved the Tal problem as reiterated by Fansided via Hidden Remote. In the end, Tal revealed to her that the US government was the sole responsible entity for all of his actions since the beginning. But despite Erica's efforts to end Tal for good, she was brought back to custody to continue her assistance to the CIA and kept the huge conspiracy to herself.

This kind of finale is not a great series ender. As it appeared, it seems that the show was hoping to get a renewal considering how it all ended.

But no matter how the fans were left hanging, NBC has already ended the series, for good. And if ever The Enemy Within will continue its course, then it will surely be done in another platform or network.

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