'Pokemon Go' Gen 5 Pokemon Coming To The Game In September As Hinted By Niantic

Tsunekazu Ishihara, chief executive of the Pokemon Company, speaks at a news conference in Tokyo
Pokémon Company announced its new game, Pokémon Sleep at its press conference held in Tokyo today. The game will allow user to train pokemon while they sleep and will be accompanied by a device called Pokémon Go Plus that will measure the way you sleep and reward you base from it. (Photo: STAFF / Reuters Connect)

Gen 5 Pokemon are coming to "Pokemon Go" real soon. Niantic Labs recently provided subtle hints that the much-awaited gen 5 pocket monsters will be added to the augmented reality game soon. Some even predicted that the powerful pokemon might arrive in the game this September.

Last night, "Pokemon Go" revealed the details of the Ultra Bonus Rewards that will happen in three weeks starting in the late part of August 2019. According to the announcement, every week there will be a different set of bonuses. This includes increased spawns of pocket monsters from the Johto region up to regional-exclusive pocket monsters spawning all over the world.

The description, however, of the third and final week of Ultra Bonus is a bit vague. However, a deeper look discloses a massive clue concerning the inclusion of pocket monsters that were first seen in "Pokemon Black" and "Pokemon White." The description states that for the Week 3 of the "Pokemon Go" Ultra Bonus event, unusual pokemon will appear in the wild during the week with noteworthy opponents coming to raids.

The "Pokemon Go" announcement further states that during the event, trainers will be able to add Pokemon to their Kanto Pokedex that eluded them in their part of the world in the past. The statements appear normal but there seems to be an acrostic message concealed in those statements.

According to an eagle-eye trainer, there is an acrostic message in the statements. Acrostic message is where particular letters align to disclose the shielded content. In this particular case, the beginning of the letter on every sentence spells out the word UNOVA, according to Daclaes. Pokemon fans know that Unova is the region where Generation 5 pokemon are in "Pokemon Black and White."

Also, the terms unusual pokemon and noteworthy opponents could hint generation 5 pokemon in "Pokemon Go." If this is accurate, this will be the first time in months that "Pokemon Go" added a significant amount of new pocket monsters to the game.

The September arrival of gen 5 pokemon in "Pokemon Go" is not far off. It is worth noting that the event will begin at the later part of August and if the hint about gen 5 pokemon is accurate, then the arrival will happen on the third week which is on the second week of September. The idea of Gen 5 pokemon arriving in "Pokemon Go" could sound premature considering that eight more Gen 4 pokemon are not yet released and one Gen 3 pokemon is still not available in the game. But, anything can happen.

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