Action camera GoPro Hero 7 black fixed on a bike handlebar.
Action camera GoPro Hero 7 black fixed on a bike handlebar. (Photo: Marco Verch(CC BY 2.0))

New images of the much-awaited action camera GoPro Hero 8 surfaced online along with leaked images of Max 360 camera. The new claim is that the eighth action camera iteration will have 4K filming at up to 120 fps. This latest leak is just one of the few leaks that surfaced since talks about the upcoming action camera have become rife online.

In a report by Photo Rumors, it shows images of two of GoPro's upcoming cameras; the GoPro Hero 8 and the Max 360. Along with the new leaked images, the report claims that the GoPro Hero 8 will have two times the maximum frame rate of its predecessor. Reportedly, it will also feature 4K filming of up to 60 fps or up to 480 fps when video recording in high definition.

The report also claims that the upcoming GoPro Hero 8 will support a wide range of accessories. Interestingly, the unveiling and announcement of the company's net action camera will happen as early as September according to the leak. It is worth noting that the latest leak surfaced online following the release of DJI Osmo Action, which is GoPro's direct competitor in the action camera market.

As with the new DJI Osmo Action, many enthusiasts claim that compared to the GoPro Hero 7, the latter is still superior when it comes to overall stabilization and image quality. However, taking into consideration many things that DJI got correct on its first attempt, GoPro needs to step up its game and to seriously take the challenge of its first-ever competitor in the market.

Additionally, the latest leak suggests that the GoPro Hero 8 will utilize the latest version of the in-house SoC of the company called the GP2. GoPro launched the GP1 chipset on GoPro Hero 6 in 2017. This model was also leaked by Photo Rumors ahead of its official release date. The GP2 processor is the chip behind GoPro's ability for superior image processing.

Using the second generation of its own in-house SoC would mean better image processing, improved image quality, better video stabilization, enhanced color accuracy, and more. But, this leaked images of the GoPro Hero 8 are not official and the report failed to mention its source. Like all other leaks, it is smart to take this with a barrel of salt and treat with the utmost skepticism.