Salesperson speaks on the phone at an Apple reseller store in Mumbai
More leaks are beginning to pop up with the alleged September release of the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 11 series. (Photo: Francis Mascarenhas)

The Cupertino-based tech giant is anticipated to unveil the Apple iPhone 11 series in September. And, with that, a myriad of leaks about the upcoming flagship smartphones continue to pop up online. The latest leaks reveal that maximum storage of the upcoming device and an interesting design.

Apple leaker Max Weinbach claims that the Apple iPhone 11 series will be released with storage capacities of 512 GB, 256 GB, and 128 GB. This is somewhat different from what a leaker shared on Reddit who said that the iPhone 11 series will have 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB storage options. But, both leakers share on the color choices of the much-awaited flagship smartphones from Apple.

Max Weinbach did not reveal many details about the color options of the Apple iPhone 11 lineup. However, he noted that the Cupertino-based tech titan is planning on a rainbow version that would reveal subtle color changes when you move the device in your hand. The other leaker shared on Reddit that the upcoming iPhone series will have white, black, and gold color options along with a dark green color variant.

Additionally, the Apple iPhone 11 lineup reportedly will have Portrait mode options and one of the options will feature a 120-degree FOV. The other will allow users to achieve 4K video recording at 30 fps. The leaker also said to watch out for the 12 MP sensor on the rear part of the upcoming smartphone.

Larger batteries are also anticipated to be in the Apple iPhone 11 lineup. Also, fans will no longer see the iPhone inscription at the back of the smartphones and their smartphone will have faster Face ID according to the leakers. Aside from these leaks, another report claims that the upcoming smartphone from Apple will have new names.

According to the report, the Apple iPhone 11 will be the company's update to the current Apple iPhone XR. Also, the report claims that there will be a couple of Pro models that will be released along with the new Apple iPhone 11. These will be officially called the Apple iPhone 11 Pro and the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

While the pro would definitely stand for professional o professional-grade, so far, based on the leaks and speculations, nothing is pro with the specs of the upcoming Apple iPhone 11 lineup. But, it is too early to judge just yet since the device are not yet unveiled by Apple and there is a chance that what was previously revealed were far from what Apple will officially release. But, since these are leaks, it is always recommended to take these leaks with a barrel of salt.