'Colony' Season 4 May Never Happen; Cancellation A Shame To USA Network?

Despite the fans' clamor, it looks like there will be no "Colony" Season 4
Despite the fans' clamor, it looks like there will be no "Colony" Season 4 (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Despite the fans' clamor, it looks like there will be no Colony Season 4. After the cancellation, the USA Network went all out to promote its new series, the television adaptation of the Purge movie franchise, titled Purge City, without talking about its other dystopian show last year. So, will there still be a chance for the show to get renewed?

USA Network canceled the series after only three seasons. The show followed the story of a future filled with mysterious, tech-advanced aliens that invaded the earth. It divided the world into walled-off colonies to extract all of its resources, even human labor.

According to The Verge, Colony Season 4's cancellation is a "shame." While most of the dystopian science fiction theme in Hollywood seems to be a lazy photocopy of a crappy idea, Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies' show is considered to be an underrated game.

It took a risk to go beyond the usual YA-adaptation safety net and experimented with the genre. Although fans didn't like everything it did, it was innovative and always surprised viewers.

Its writers' room was full of creative minds, from the directors Olatunde Osunsanmi and Roxann Dawson to the best writers in the business. Colony had made the science-fiction television landscape more interesting.

It has yet to be revealed what incites USA Network to cancel Colony Season 4. However, multiples reports say it has a connection with its poor ratings.

Although its ratings started strong in Season 1, it gradually declined. It started to shrink when the show was moved to Wednesday schedule in Season 2. It was then forced to shift its storyline in Season 3 to fit its new filming location, Vancouver after it failed to get a California tax credit.

USA Network has yet to address the issue, and fans are not happy with the cancellation, per Bustle. The non-renewal caused an uproar on Twitter, giving birth to the hashtag, #RenewColony, in hopes to save the series.

Some fans are hopeful that Netflix will pick-up the series and continue Colony Season 4. But that, too, remains to be seen. The streaming giant has yet to put attention to the series and yet to announce if it will adopt the show.

If it does, Netflix can add it to its growing list of sci-fi shows, like Stranger Things, Dark, and Lost in Space. One fan even suggested that the network could give it a sendoff like what Sense8 had by having a final movie to close its storyline.

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